Survivor UK returned to TV screens tonight (October 28) with a new set of contestants competing for the cash prize.

The 18 contestants were split into two tribes (La Nena and Caleton) and during their time on the show, they’ll take part in a range of physical and mental challenges for reward or immunity.

They will be marooned in a tropical location but where is the new series filmed?

York Press: There are 18 contestants taking part in the new series of Survivor UKThere are 18 contestants taking part in the new series of Survivor UK (Image: BBC/Remarkable)

Where is Survivor UK filmed?

Survivor UK is not filmed in the UK – it’s filmed in the Dominican Republic, reports the Metro.

The contestants and host Joel Dommett took part in the filming this summer.

Temperatures often reach the mid-30s around the time the series was filmed on the remote part of the Caribbean island.

One by one, players are voted out of their tribes at the iconic Tribal Council until the two tribes eventually merge and the game becomes a head-to-head battle.

Ultimately, only one person can take home the £100,000 cash prize and become the Sole Survivor.

The 18 contestants taking part in Survivor UK have been revealed as Ashleigh, Christopher, Doug, Hannah, Jess, Laurence, Lee, Leilani, Matthew, Nathan, Pegleg, Rachel, Rach, Ren, Richard, Sabrina, Shai and Tinuke.