Big Brothers viewers are not happy as they have expressed their anger over a punishment handed to housemate Yinrun.

In an earlier released sneak peek at the latest episode of Big Brother Yinrun landed herself in jail after breaking a rule. 

The rule break saw her eviction nominations for Hallie and Kerry revoked and changed the results of votes. 

However, Big Brother viewers had to wait to find out what the drastic rule from Yinrun was to end up in jail. 

Now that the show has aired and Yinrun's rule-breaking antics have been shown, ITV viewers are not happy.

Big Brother viewers unhappy at Yinrun's harsh punishment 

In the clip shown, Yinrun was chatting to housemate Henry and shared that she was unsure what direction to vote. 

She shared that she didn't want to upset anyone but she also knew that she needed to put someone up for eviction.

In what seemed like an innocent conversation later saw Yinrun ended up in jail as Big Brother told housemates she broke a rule by discussing nominations. 

However, viewers are not happy, as one shared: "Is that IT? She didn’t even say a b*****d name."

As another said: "Is that ALL Yinrun did to break the rules?! Jail & no noms sound a bit harsh for that."

One Big Brother viewer added: "That was absolutely nothing. A warning at most. Certainly not an excuse to cancel her nominations (after she name them considering g you let her nominate) & certainly not an excuse for producers to abuse their position and lock her in a cage all night."

Big Brother airs on ITV2 and ITVX.