Dog owners are being warned to keep an eye on their pets this summer to ensure they aren’t being bothered by a common pest.

The summer is notorious as the peak time for fleas to run riot in the UK.

They can multiply fast, with one female laying 50 eggs per day, meaning within three weeks your four legged friend could be home to 1000 fleas.

Pet expert Chris Socratous, from Bob Martin, had these top tips for helping your dog survive flea season.

York Press: Here are some top tips to keep your dog free of fleas this summerHere are some top tips to keep your dog free of fleas this summer (Image: Getty/Tatomm)

Check your pet

The most important thing you need to do when it comes to flea prevention is keep a close eye on your pet at all times. If their skin looks red and irritated, or if they start to scratch more than usual, this is usually a sign they have fleas. Look through your dog’s fur at least once a week- fleas may only be spotted briefly if you separate your pet’s fur- and watch out for any changes in behaviour. It is important to keep in mind that not all dogs display symptoms when they have fleas.

Keep your carpets clean

Vacuuming your carpets and rugs regularly (and even steam-cleaning them if you can afford it), goes a long way when it comes to preventing infestations. Fleas love to burrow away, deep within the fibres so getting in a routine of vacuuming a few times a week will help get rid of them and disrupt the life cycle.

Maintain your lawns

Fleas love to hide in tall grass, so make sure you mow your front and back lawns regularly. When the grass is short, it allows the sun to heat the soil underneath, creating an inhabitable environment for flea larvae. Watering your lawn also helps rid the area of larvae as it prevents them from hatching. Added bonus, your garden will look well maintained!

Keep your pet’s bed clean

If your pet has fleas, they’re likely to be hiding in their bed too. Washing your dog’s bedding on a weekly basis disrupts infestations and prevents them from spreading. Make sure you use hot water when washing and use a pet-friendly detergent.

Keep your soft furnishings clean

Many dogs nap on sofas, cushions or even in their owners bed meaning these areas are likely to be hot spots when it comes to flea infestations. Just like your dog’s bed, wash any bedding, throws or cushions that your pooch is partial to on a regular basis.

Bath your dog

Giving your dog a bath once a week or once every other week is a great way to prevent fleas. It can also help get rid of them if they actually have an infestation! You can even use a few drops of essential oils, like peppermint or lavender, which act as a natural repellent and smell great.