Britain's Got Talent has seen judge Simon Cowell "break the rules" and award a seventh golden buzzer for the series. 

Dance group Unity had everyone in tears with their performance 'I will' and despite not having any golden buzzers left, everyone was so moved by the audition Cowell felt he had no choice. 

He said: "I am probably now fired from Britain's Got Talent for breaking the rules.

"Sometimes you just got to do it and it wasn't me. Honestly, it was the audience. You could feel that energy. And that was the time to break the rules."

Unity, a group of friends from college, said the performance was about being told you can't and you're not enough and how as a group they come together and power through that.

Reaction to Unity's audition on Britain's Got Talent

Following the audition everyone was in tears, from the performers to the judges and the crowd.

All the BGT judges agreed it was "astonishing" with Bruno Tonioli saying the performance gave him goosebumps.

Tonioli, who himself gave a second golden buzzer just a few weeks ago, added: "You can be anything you want to be, you are superb."

Cowell said on a number of occasions "there aren't any golden buzzers left" as the crowd chanted for one. 

In the end, he said (before pressing the golden buzzer): "It was an audition I'll never forget.

"What you've done, you've done it your way and look we don't have any golden buzzers left. But sometimes I feel you should just break the rules."

The public on social media agreed with the decision to give a seventh golden buzzer. 

On Twitter, one person said: "1000% deserved that #GoldenBuzzer. Looking forward to watching their performance in the semi-finals!"

Another said: "Oh my gosh . This hit me in all the feels . Bravo . You can . You Will…, #BGT."

While a third person added: "I am a complete mess this was beautiful more please."