Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway returned tonight along with Ring My Bell, a segment of the show which sees people run to a doorbell of a house that’s shown on the screen.

The game streams a member of the audience’s doorbell camera to both the audience and viewers at home.

The aim of the game is for a neighbour of the audience member to identify their doorbell’s view and they have to arrive at the door with an item that Ant and Dec suggest within 45 seconds.

If they bring the correct item to the door, ring the bell and say the phrase ‘ring my bell’, they win £500 and so does the audience member.

In tonight’s episode though, a neighbour was stood at the door but was unsure what she needed to do to win the prize money.

Cynthia was at the door of the correct house but without a piece of dirty laundry as was requested by Ant and Dec.

Other neighbours soon joined her at the front door with their items.

Although others had also turned up to the house, she looked to have misunderstood the game and Ant and Dec who were trying to talk to her via the doorbell.

Viewers saw Cynthia looking into the camera looking confused.

Unfortunately, she missed out on the £500 prize as another neighbour was awarded it since they were the next one in line and had brought some dirty laundry to the door.

ITV viewers react to ‘hilarious’ Ring My Bell

The final Ring My Bell of the series was “hilarious” for viewers to watch with some taking to Twitter to share their reactions.

One tweeted: “I don't normally watch Any and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway but this Ring My Doorbell thing is hilarious

“I love Cynthia”

Along with three laughing and crying emojis, another said: “Ring my doorbell on Saturday night takeaway is brilliant”