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Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers, commonly associated with Valentine’s bouquets and romantic gestures, why not plant your own rose bush in your garden?

If you think it’s too complicated, think again.

How to plant roses in your garden

Depending on the time of year, roses can be supplied as ‘bare root’ or ‘potted’.

According to YouGarden, bare-root roses are dormant with no leaves and the roots are out of the soil.

When you receive them, you must soak the roots in water for at least two hours (overnight is better).

If you can’t plant straight away they should be fine for up to 2 weeks if left in a cool, dark, frost-free place – keep the bag around the roots with some water inside.

York Press: Pink roses (Canva)Pink roses (Canva) (Image: Canva)

When you come to plant the roots, make sure you select an appropriate spot with enough space to allow your roses to grow.

Dig a hole twice the width of the roots, forking over the bottom to loosen the soil.

Add some good quality fertiliser and plant at the same depth as the soil mark. If the tree has been grafted, make sure the graft point (‘knuckle’ at the bottom) is 10cm above soil level.

Holding the tree, backfill the hole with soil slowly so it falls back around the roots.

If you’re planting into pots, place some old rocks, stones or gravel in the bottom for drainage and ballast. Use a good quality compost and fertiliser. Don’t forget to water at least once a week.

Potted roses are provided during the Summer. These come in protective nursery pots, with fresh growth already appearing.

These plants are more established and can be planted all-year-round but if you can’t plant them straight away they can be left in their nursery pots for as long as you need, perfect for last minute gardening or for waiting on gardening weather!

You’re also fine to keep them outside as long as they’re well-watered and kept frost free.

You plant potted roses in the same way you plant a bare root, the only difference is you dig a hole to fit the pot.

Break up the soil at the base, this will allow the roots to grow deep into the hole.

Before planting, water the plant well, then gently pop the plant out of its nursery pot. Loosen the soil around the roots with your fingers then place into your dug hole.

Lightly firm the soil around your rose and water in well.

To plant into a pot or container, follow the same steps as before, and be sure to use a container big enough to allow your rose to grow.

Deadhead regularly during the summer months to encourage more flowers and growth and water your roses at least once a week, especially in warmer weather.

The Elizabeth Rose

The Queen Elizabeth rose is one of the most popular roses of all time, boasting all summer long flowering.

This is supplied as a bare root plant, ready to plant out immediately and can be bought from YouGarden.

They can grow to around 2m tall as a very neat, tidy, and impactful Bush rose.

You can shop all you need for your rose bush on the YouGarden website here.