Global music streaming service Spotify has started to roll out a new exciting feature

The new karaoke feature lets you sing along to your favourite songs and even gives you a score at the end of each song.

The music service has millions of songs from the latest hits from global stars like Harry Styles to upcoming artists on the scene. 

Now with the new feature fans can test out their vocal skills against some of the biggest artists in the world. 

How to get the Spotify Karaoke feature: 

The new karaoke feature has already started to be rolled out worldwide but if you've yet to get your hands on it then don't worry. 

As all you need to do is update the app in your app store to the service's latest version. 

Once you've done that, then when you open the app you'll need to select the song you want to sing along to and scroll down. 

You'll then see the lyrics and at the top right there will be a button that says sing. 

Then just click the button, warm up your vocals and get ready to sing your heart out and see how well you score. 

Head to Spotify now and see how you score.