Instagram users have been reporting issues with the app, saying they are unable to view stories.

Reports began to appear on Down Detector, a site for recording website outages, at around 1:30pm, with 75% of reports citing problems with the app.

14% of issues are on the feed and 11% on the website.

Users took to Twitter to announce their issues, sharing a general consensus on not being able to view stories.

One user wrote: “Guys is anyone elses instagram stories down like you can't see your old stories or views or it’s only just me” which prompted other users to reply in agreement.

Another said: “Is it just me or are Instagram stories down?” while many others shared screenshots of a loading error that appears when trying to load stories.

"guys is anyone elses instagram stories down like u can't see ur old stories or views or just me pls let me know", another wrote prompting a response that it appears to be "happening to everyone".

Instagram has currently not confirmed any issues with the social media platform.