BBC's Silent Witness is back on our screens tonight for its third nail-biting episode. 

The gritty crime drama is set in the world of forensic pathology with a team of the nation's best investigation and solving crimes across the country. 

To mark its 25 series, the show's original lead Amanda Burton has returned as Professor Sam Ryan after the health secretary is assassinated during the launch of Sam's new company.

The assassination prompts Sam to turn to the Lyell team for help, but Nikki is unsure that her predecessor can be trusted. 

This highly-anticipated series of Silent Witness has been billed as one big six-part story.

The third episode introduces us to a whole new mystery with a suspicious if fleeting moment that hints at a slow-burning but ongoing conspiracy.

Silent Witness full cast list

  • Dr Nikki Alexander - Emilia Fox
  • Professor Sam Ryan - Amanda Burton
  • Jack Hodgson - David Caves
  • Simone Tyler - Genesis Lynea
  • Jomo Mashaba- Hugh Quarshie
  • Tom Faulkner- Matthew Gravelle
  • Fiona Mashaba - Gina Bramhill
  • David Mashaba- Lloyd Everitt
  • Florence Clarke- Christine Bottomley
  • Richard Clarke- Adam Clayton-Smith
  • Gloria Mason-Walker - Sutara Gayle
  • Ellie Clarke - Ella Schrey-Yeats
  • Darryl Simmonds - Simon Lipkin
  • Mia Clarke - Laura Marcus
  • Hugh Caulfield - Paul Thornley
  • Emma Caulfield- Nadia Albina
  • DI Johnny Campbell - Duncan Preston
  • Desk officer - Lainy Boyle

When is Silent Witness on TV?

If you want to watch the latest series, you can watch it on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. 

The show will be on at 9pm and will have six episodes airing weekly.