Cadbury has warned customers against a new Whatsapp scam offering a free Easter chocolate treat.

The fake message invites people click on a link to get a ‘Cadbury FREE Easter Chocolate Basket’, suggesting that 5,000 gifts are available.

Consumer advice company Which? said the message is an example of 'smishing', a new type of scam sent via text messages or messaging platforms.

'Smishing' scams attempt to encourage the recipient to click through to a third party website, unaffiliated with the brand in question, and asks for sensitive personal information, including bank details.

Cadbury chocolate Easter egg scam

In an urgent warning to consumers, Cadburys said: "We’ve been made aware of circulating posts on social media claiming to offer consumers a free Easter Chocolate basket.

"We can confirm this hasn't been generated by us & we urge consumers not to interact. Your security is our priority & we’re currently working to resolve this."

Sharing a picture of a WhatsApp message, one Twitter user said the message had been sent to him by his family members and was "spreading like wildfire".

"Probably worth telling your folks not to click it," he said.

Another customer, who received the scam via Whatsapp, said: "Delete it if you receive it and don't click the link."

The message will likely be forwarded onto consumers by friends and family, making it easier for scammers to create the illusion of a genuine offer.

Members of the public have been warned not to follow the link, enter sensitive details into the fraudulent site or pass on the message.

This Easter Cadbury is hosting a 'Worldwide Hunt' event on its website, allowing people to hide an Easter egg on a digital map for friends of family to find with the help of personal clues.

But it is not a competition and no free chocolate is available.