If you're looking for some special Easter treats, Cutter & Squidge has some unique eggs and chocolate hampers on offer.

From hand-baked cakes, filled easter eggs, brownies and hampers, the Easter collection has something for every sweet tooth.

Based in Soho, Cutter & Squidge is a family-run, all-natural bakery offering delivery throughout the UK.

With a focus on using less fat and sugar without losing flavour, the bakery has a great selection to choose from, including vegan and wheat-free bakes.

York Press: Cutter & Squidge's Easter collection, pictured. Photos via Cutter & Squidge.Cutter & Squidge's Easter collection, pictured. Photos via Cutter & Squidge.

Cutter & Squidge's Easter collection is designed to suit every budget, priced from £4.99 to £149.99.

Let's take a look at highlights from Cutter & Squidge's Easter range for 2022.

Easter eggs, hampers, brownies and more

Easter Mini Brownie Box

Customers love the Easter Mini Brownie Box (£15.99), filled with rows of Mini Egg brownies and White Chocolate brownies.

Chocolate Easter Eggs or Easter Egg Hamper

Cutter & Squidge's Easter eggs are made with 100% all-natural ingredients and sustainable, traceable cocoa beans.

You can get individual Easter eggs for £21.99 - see the billionaire filled Easter eggs, 'Funfetti' filled Easter eggs and cookies and cream filled Easter eggs here.

Otherwise you can treat yourself to a handmade assortment of luxury eggs (£59.99) all featuring their own lavish filling. This includes the billionaire filled Easter egg, 'Funfetti' filled Easter egg and cookies and cream filled Easter egg.

Chocolate Egg Easter Cake

Perfect for an Easter dinner, sending a sweet gift to a loved one or a treat just for you, the Chocolate Egg Easter Cake is delivered in its own classy tin.

Priced at £29.99, it is constructed out of handmade, fluffy chocolate fudge sponge, smooth vanilla stracciatella buttercream, award-winning salted caramel filling and topped with chocolate mini eggs.

Mixed Easter Biskie Box

The 'Biskie' is a sandwiched dessert, a cross between a cake and a cookie filled with a cream and other delights such as handmade jams.

The Mixed Easter Biskie Box (£23.99) features a selection of mini egg biskies, choc salted caramel biskies and lemon white choc biskies. 

You can view the full Easter range via the Cutter & Squidge website.