Amanda Holden has criticised Priti Patel for her handling of the Ukrainian refugee crisis, saying that the process and level of paperwork required for entry is "ridiculous".

The TV and radio presenter was appearing on Good Morning Britain to discuss her new podcast with Global called Ukraine's Hidden Voices, which focuses on those caught up in the crisis, as they share their own experiences of the conflict.

Holden visited the Ukraine border last weekend to speak to those fleeing the war and see for herself how terrible things were for the people trying to get out of the country.

After seeing first-hand what Ukrainians were having to deal with, her annoyance at the difficult process to make it to the UK saw her criticise the Home Secretary on ITV's morning show.

She said: "I spoke to the amazing volunteers of a charity called Love Bristol, who are trying to deal with it but 35 pages of paperwork of which the first five questions are asking the refugees what their financial situation is, what their mortgage situation is, when they literally have a bag on their laps with all their possessions in. It is utterly ridiculous.

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"Priti Patel's winning, we're not going to be getting many people coming into our country, despite the fact 150,000 people have volunteered to open up their homes. So I felt quite cross about that, to be honest.

"We were having a look, my team and I, we were all looking through the paperwork. You'd have a job to fill out these forms and we are British so it is an absolutely appalling situation.

"But obviously she doesn't want immigrants does she Priti. I'm not political but it's made me really cross."