Comedian Jimmy Carr defended his joke which he made about the Holocaust in a recent gig.

Last week a joke from his latest Netflix special, His Dark Material, circulated on social media, in which he uses the death of Gypsy people during the Holocaust as a punchline.

Criticism came in from social media, including from comedian David Baddiel and Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries.

Anti-hate groups such as the not-for-profit organisation Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and The Auschwitz Memorial also condemned the comedian for the joke.

How did Jimmy Carr respond to the criticism?

As reported by The Mirror, Carr responded to this criticism at a weekend gig in Whitley Bay in Tyne and Wear, when an audience member heckled if he was going to talk about the Holocaust.

In response, he reportedly said: "We are going to talk about cancel culture, the whole thing.

"We are speaking, my friends, in the last chance saloon. What I am saying on stage this evening is barely acceptable now. In ten years, f****** forget about it."

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"I am going to get cancelled, that's the bad news. The good news is I am going down swinging.

"The joke that ends my career is already out there. It's on YouTube, Netflix or whatever, and it's fine until one day it f****** isn't," he added.

Carr was reported to go on to say: "You are going to be able to tell your grandchildren about seeing this show tonight. You will say I saw a man and he stood on a stage and he made light of serious issues.

"We used to call them jokes and people would laugh."