Car insurance premiums started to increase in some areas of Britain toward the end of 2021.

Consumer Intelligence found the average cost edged downwards by 0.6% between August and November 2021, to reach £782.

However, prices for some geographical areas and for older drivers started to creep up.

Average premiums are still at around 20% of a peak that was reached in 2017, with fewer cars on the road during the Covid lockdowns having an impact on this.

In the three months to November, average car insurance prices increased in Scotland (by 1.8%), the East Midlands (0.6%), Eastern England (0.6%) and in Wales (0.2%), Consumer Intelligence said.

York Press: Scotland and the East Midlands saw price increase (PA)Scotland and the East Midlands saw price increase (PA)

But compared with a year earlier, average premiums in all UK regions had fallen, it added.

London-based drivers were found to be the most expensive to insure, at £1,261 on the average premium, with the North of England following in second place with an average of £1,104.

Meanwhile, the South West of England (£468) was found to be the cheapest place to live when buying car insurance.

A breakdown of how car insurance prices changed in the UK

Here are car insurance price changes between August and November 2021 and the average premium in November 2021, according to Consumer Intelligence:

  • Scotland - 1.8%, 516
  • East Midlands, 0.6%, £688
  • Eastern England, 0.6%, £581
  • South East, minus 1.0%, £759
  • Wales, 0.2%, £510
  • South West, minus 1.0%, £468
  • West Midlands, minus 2.1%, £781
  • North East, 0.0%, £676
  • Yorkshire and the Humber, minus 1.7%, £712
  • North West, minus 1.3%, £1,104
  • London, minus 1.6%, £1,261