It would be a lie to say that advent calendars are not one of the best parts of Christmas celebrations.

It starts with the thrill of opening the first calendar door and ends with a feeling of joy as you eat chocolate for breakfast.

For those looking to mix up their advent calendar or bring more fun to those Wintery working days, why not try a luxurious, coffee advent calendar?

Uswitch has compiled the ultimate list of ten coffee-themed advent calendars that will keep you perked up while working from home or the office this December.

Nespresso Original Advent Calendar 

The opulent Nespresso calendar was designed by artist Johanna Ortiz - featuring exotic birds and leaves.

Brimming with capsules for Nespresso coffee machines, the calendar comes in at £35, offering a new taste sensation each day of the month.

There is also a special gift waiting for you on Christmas Eve. 

Not On the High Street's Yawn Brew Coffee Advent Calendar 

For lovers of the unconventional, Not On the High Street has this quirky Yawn Brew calendar.

Behind each window lies a sachet of bespoke coffee beans, designed to be used with a French Press.

York Press: The Yawn calendar, pictured.The Yawn calendar, pictured.

Ideal for the connoisseur that loves to make a ritual out of their coffee-making process, the calendar comes complete with a brew guide and rating system.

It costs £39. 

Selfridges 12 Days of Coffee Calendar 

Packaged in a neat little box and complete with an adorable Paddington Bear-esque colour scheme, this is the Selfridges coffee calendar.

Opening the box reveals 12 days’ worth of coffee beans, each one hand-selected to offer a flavoursome experience every morning.

Adorned with gold-toned lettering, the calendar is an ideal gift priced at £25.99.

Beanie’s Coffee Calendar

For those of us that lean towards more unusual coffee flavours, Beanie’s is among the most popular drink options.

For £20, you get 22 Beanie’s sachets in assorted flavours along with two mystery jars.

With instant flavours ranging from gingerbread to white chocolate raspberry and cookie dough, this calendar could spice up your build up to Christmas.

Etsy Coffee Calendar

This is perfect for people drawn to handmade products and who love to support small businesses.

This Etsy coffee calendar crafted by MariangieMK costs £41.50 and features 24 differently-flavoured coffee sachets.

Each one is filled with freshly-ground Arabica granules.

The daintily decorated calendar can be hung on the wall for all to admire and comes equipped with flavours such as Oreo, Apple, Irish Cream and Christmas Cookie.

Pact Coffee Calendar

The Pact Coffee advent calendar is created for use with a cafetière or any drip-brewing method.

Packed with 25 filter coffees, it has lots of rare flavours to try - from fruity to chocolatey beans and ethically-sourced ingredients.

This costs £29.95.

Perkulatte Advent Calendar

This grand calendar has 12 whole bean and ground sachets bursting with different flavoured notes from around the world.

Finished with a glossy black box for maximum impact, this calendar is at the expensive end of the spectrum at £36.00.

The Brew Company Calendar

This calendar is CO2 and plastic-neutral, meaning it ticks all the boxes when it comes to being sustainable.

It is filled with 25 different roasts in conveniently instant sachets.

This costs £38.95.

Harrods Advent Calendar

With a shiny red sheen, this calendar has 24 capsules which work smoothly alongside Nespresso, Dualit, Essenza and similar models.

It has fun-loving flavours like cinnamon and caramel and costs £20.

Friends Cafféluxe Advent Calendar 

Transform your kitchen into Central Perk with the Friends coffee calendar by cafféluxe, available on Amazon.

Whether you’re feeling a bit Joey with a sensual caramel favour, a little bit Ross with a classic dark roast, or even Chandler-like with an unpredictable cinnamon capsule, the calendar will have something for you.

This calendar costs £18.95.