Do you know everything that is going on in the villa? Do you sit up and take notice when you hear the words “can I pull you for a chat?” – then this may be the perfect job for you.

An online platform for fandoms,, is recruiting a fan of ITV2’s Love Island to binge watch the show and created engaging content for their site.

If that isn’t impressive enough the ‘Love Island Investigator and Editor’ will be paid £3,500 for their troubles.

The website – a leading platform for online communities and fandoms – is looking for a reality TV superfan to hunker down and binge watch the latest series of ITV’s hit dating show, and create content based around it.

The site says it is looking for a fanatic to help it cater its content to Love Island fans “around the world”, who will be tasked with “investigating all of the show’s gossip and reporting on any drama that fans may have missed or are unaware of.”

Here is everything you need to know about it.

What does the ‘job’ involve?

The successful applicant will be required to spend three hours a day consuming the show, as well as trawling through gossip blogs, social media and relevant Love Island news and blogs to “investigate any backlash following every episode”.

If you think you’re perfect for the job, but are worried about a lack of writing experience, fear not.

The ad states that the role is “best suited” for somebody with insider knowledge of what fans want to know and read about, and that qualifications and previous editorial experience are not required.

"Applicants must be over the age 18, and have great written English skills,” it adds.

Strong writing, digital literacy and investigative skills are a bonus, as well as social media talents.

Additionally, candidates are required to have a strong enough internet connection to upload their work, and to binge watch the show live.

Is it a paid role?

The position is in fact paid, with FandomSpot offering a one-off payment of £3,599 to the successful applicant.

Though the current series of Love Island is expected to come to a close on 23 August, the site says “there could be opportunities for the right candidate to create content about future seasons of the show and other similar reality TV series.”

The closing date for the role is Thursday 12 August.

To apply, head to