Thunderstorms are set to hit various parts of the UK throughout the next few days - with weather warnings from the Met Office in place.

If you have any pets - they may easily become scared by the loud noises and heavy rain.

Experts at grain free pet food brand Canagan have come up with some top tips to reduce the impact of loud noises on your cat or dog.

Here are seven tips to keep your pet calm during a thunderstorm.

Mask the sound

Playing the TV or radio will help to reduce the impact of loud noises and can help to keep your pet calm.

Create a ‘safe space’ in your home

Whether it's a cardboard box or a space under furniture, creating a comfortable area where your pet can hide can help them to feel safe.

Distract them with their favourite food

After each loud crash of thunder, hand-feed your pet their favourite treat. Not only will this be a distraction, but they will learn to associate a loud noise with a positive experience.

Act natural

Animals are perceptive, so they will sense if you are behaving unusually. If you are overly affectionate, then they may feel unsettled so reassure them by inviting play.

Let them decide where to hide

Don't be concerned if your cat escapes to a dark hidey-hole where they feel safe.

Do not try and decide to pull them out of their little sanctuary, as this will only cause them undue stress, and it’s best for your pet to stay as calm as possible throughout the storm.

Give them time

Even if you think the storm is over, remember that your pet’s acute hearing may mean they're listening to far-off noises, so they may not reappear straight away.

They can take a while to calm down, so you may need to wait until morning before you start interacting with them if necessary.

Your pet will emerge when they are ready, so just have food and water waiting.

Avoid leaving them alone at home

If possible, try to stay at home. Canagan explains that if you return home and your frightened pet has made a mess, don't shout as this will only cause confusion and distress.