A new service has launched for food lovers to discover which places are offering a takeaway or delivery service while the UK remains under lockdown.

Google Maps is now highlighting restaurants that offer either takeaway or delivery services, so you can quickly find new places to dine at home from.

Here’s how to use the new feature.

How does it work?

You can find the new ‘delivery’ and ‘takeaway’ filter at the top of Google maps, next to options such as ‘petrol’ and ‘chemist.’

Simply tap either of the options and you will get a list of all the restaurants offering delivery or takeaway in your vicinity.

You can also type ‘takeaway’ or ‘delivery’ into the search bar at the top to produce the same results.

However, you cannot order food directly through Google Maps - it just brings up a list of places that are offering delivery or takeaway in your area, alongside customer reviews, star ratings and images.

You can then call the restaurant using the provided phone number on Google maps, or see if the restaurant is available on JustEat, Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

Some will also offer their own online ordering service through their website.

Will all my local restaurants be on Google maps?

It’s worth noting that Google will not know about every takeaway or delivery service out there, but that restaurants that do offer these services can flag themselves up for free.

Can I see the new features on Google Maps now?

You may not be able to see the new changes straight away as updates sometimes take a few days to roll out.

It might not have updated on your device or account yet, but keep checking back on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Is it safe to get takeaway food amid the coronavirus pandemic?

The government is currently advising that people can continue to enter premises to access takeaway services, including delivery drivers.

Planning regulation has been changed to enable restaurants, cafes and pubs which did not previously offer delivery and hot food takeaway to do so.

Gov.uk adds: “People must not consume food or drinks on site at restaurants, cafes or pubs whilst waiting for takeaway food.

“Those venues offering takeaway or delivery services must not include alcoholic beverages in this list if their license does not already permit.”

However, the Government explains that even when leaving the house for one of the four reasons stated in the guidelines, “you should be minimising time spent outside of the home and ensuring you are two metres apart from anyone outside of your household.”

The Government guidelines in regards to premises that remain open explain that they must:

  • Ensure a distance of two meters between customers and shop assistants; and
  • Let people enter the shop only in small groups, to ensure that spaces are not crowded
  • Queue control is required outside of shops and other essential premises that remain open