IT is unlikely you have given much thought to which British roundabout would be your ultimate favourite.

But the Best Roundabout In Britain is actually on your doorstep, according to the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society (UKRAS).

Holgate Windmill roundabout in York has sailed away with the title after proving to be overwhelmingly popular with its members and will now feature on the front of the UKRAS cult-classic, worldwide selling calendar, Best Of British Roundabouts 2013.

Kevin Beresford, president of UKRAS, said: “York’s residents should feel very proud to live in the home of such a beautiful and well preserved piece of industrial history. I have to admit I’ve travelled from John O’Groats to Land’s End in my search for the perfect Holy Grail gyratory and now I think I’ve found it in the city of York. I thought I’d seen everything on a roundabout, but I’ve never experienced a working windmill.”

The windmill gained unlikely fans after America’s National Broadcasting Company (NBC), who were invited to film in York by Visit York, met up with Kevin this summer, while filming their pre-Olympics coverage.

They were so fascinated by his love of British roundabouts, they added the UKRAS calendar featuring the Holgate Windmill to their website, reaching out to millions of Americans online.

Gillian Cruddas, chief executive of Visit York, said: “We are delighted that one of our most unusual visitor attractions has attracted the attention of the Roundabout Appreciation Society.

“We work with media publications to promote York across the globe, but this has to be one of the more unusual titles that we have made it into.”

The only remaining mill in York, Holgate windmill sits in the middle of a residential housing estate and has been restored to full working order.

The rare five-sailed, double- shuttered tower windmill dates from 1770 and is a fascinating piece of York’s industrial history.

Jenny Hartland, chairman of the Holgate Windmill Preservation Society, said she was delighted with the accolade.

She said: “We are tremendously grateful to be recognised as the most dramatic and remarkable roundabout that you are ever likely to see anywhere in Britain.”

Committee member Chris Weaire, said: “It is wonderful to be voted the best roundabout in Britain, especially at this time when we are reaching completion of the restoration and starting to mill flour.”

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