I WOULD like to thank The Press for publishing my concerns about the future of York’s libraries (The Press, September 25). I asked for a copy of the proposed consultation, but as usual with this Labour administration I was kept in the dark.

Now I can see why. All of my concerns are there. Nowhere in the consultation does it ask the public whether they favour retaining libraries in public management and how they feel about Labour outsourcing the service.

The most important question of all is therefore absent. Why? Maybe because the decision has already been made. The public will be invited on a six-week merry-go-round of rubber-stamping – at taxpayers’ expense.

Coun Crisp claimed my assumptions bore “little resemblance to her proposals”.

I agree they did not bear “little resemblance”; they were spot on. She promised a “full and frank debate with the public”, but we have a consultation that ignores the key question. We learned last week over the removal of salt bins that Coun Crisp’s promises are worth nothing.

On this occasion the stakes are even higher. She should withdraw this “consultation” and start the full debate that is needed.

Coun Nigel Ayre, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for cultural services.