A MONSTER burger on the menu at a York pub has finally been defeated – after more than 80 previous challengers were beaten by the mountain of food.

The Beast, which is cooked up at the Bay Horse in Fulford, consists of two 10oz homemade burgers, four bacon rashers, a spicy chicken breast, three fried eggs and four homemade onion rings – all topped off with a “mountain of cheddar cheese” and served in a huge bread bun with a belly-busting portion of chips.

The meal normally costs £16.95, but anyone who can leave a clean plate in under 40 minutes gets it for free.

Now Dave Holland, 50, who works at Eggborough Power Station, near Selby, has become the first person to devour The Beast after 84 previous challengers fell by the wayside.

“It was nice food,” he said. “But it was uncomfortable towards the end, I have to say. But I’m known for taking on silly challenges and it was pure stubbornness that got me through. One of the lads at work heard about it and my name was mentioned.

“I had ten minutes to go and there was about three quarters of the chips left – it was horrendous. I didn’t eat again until about 3pm the next day and even then it was just a couple of Wheatabix.”

Dave donated the cost of his meal to the Candlelighters, along with £10 from colleague and unsuccessful challenger Dick Dews.

Bay Horse landlord Nick Milner said he dreamed up The Beast with chef Jason Powney.

He said: “Dave finished it in 37 minutes and 18 seconds so that’s changed the parameters; can you eat it and can you also beat Dave’s time?

“You get the big fellas coming in and they get half way through it then they hit the wall – it’s a monumental challenge.

“We have had a few body builders come in too and they say ‘yes, I can do it’ but it beats them.”

The Beast, not including the chips, weighs in at just over 4lbs and contains an estimated 3,450 calories, which is almost a 1,000 calories more than the recommended daily intake for a man.

While Dave has now fully recovered, York GP James Chan warned that eating such amounts regularly could lead to problems.

Dr Chan said: “3,450 calories is well beyond the daily recommended intake.

“If you are not doing regular exercise, this could seriously damage your health.

“I would not recommend doing this on a weekly or even monthly basis. You could get very, very fat.”