York in flood – well, we have not seen anything yet, because the possible explanation for this recent chaos lies at the other side of the world.

A steaming mass of vegetation that we know of as the Amazon rain forest is the lungs of our planet, yet it is rapidly disappearing due to the blinkered pursuit of profit.

Although according to the conservation group RAISG this tide is slowly turning due to conservation efforts, this is too little too late.

Our total reliance upon using fossil fuels further compounds and accelerates this global disaster yet to come.

Our species is slowly becoming aware of delicate Earth balances that have dire consequences when thrown off sync, and you only have to see NASA images of our crumbling ice shelves to realise something is clearly wrong.

Although we are slowly trying to address these issues, this may be far too late to prevent Britain from experiencing future floods and extreme weather conditions that we all are seeing recently.

Urgent action is required now, but I feel that only when flood water enters the House of Commons will a remedy be sought, and that may be sooner than experts have predicted.

Future Yorkies should invest in warmer clothing and a decent pair of wellingtons.

Phil Shepherdson, Chantry Close, Woodthorpe , York.