The remains of Richard III should be brought home to York and interred at the Minster, according to American historians.

The call from the The Richard III Foundation, Inc. comes after archaeologists searching for the Plantagenet king, Richard III, found skeletal remains under the Greyfriars car park in Leicester.

The bones had spinal abnormalities and a cleaved-in skull, suggesting it could be him. The University of Leicester is now testing the bones for DNA against descendants of Richard’s family.

Richard III had strong connections with York and Yorkshire, having spent much of his youth at Middleham Castle and visiting York several times after becoming king.

Joe Ann Ricca, founder and chief executive of foundation, said: “Richard obviously had no choice after he was killed as to where his remains were taken, but today we have the opportunity to right the many wrongs that have been done to this unjustly maligned king, by correcting the distorted picture that has been painted of Richard over the centuries, and by bringing his remains home to Yorkshire, and to York Minster as he wanted.”

Andy Smith, the foundation’s UK public relations director, said: “York was Richard’s city. It is where he belongs, and it is only right that this great Lord of the North should return home to Yorkshire after more than 500 years’ enforced absence.”