SPEEDING motorists face losing their jobs and possibly their homes because they smashed the speed limit on North Yorkshire’s roads.

Magistrates yesterday dealt with 13 severe speeders, seven of whom had topped 100 mph and one of whom had gone at nearly double the speed limit through a village in the middle of the day. Two were driving Mercedes and one a Porsche.

They were only a few of the 16,055 people caught by North Yorkshire Police’s mobile camera in its first 12 months of operation.

Inspector Dave Brown, of North Yorkshire Police’s road policing group, said: “Speeding puts lives at risk and there is no excuse whatsoever for the speeds we have seen in court today.

“It is staggering that despite all the warnings of the potential consequences, drivers still continue to drive at such unacceptable speeds.”

The day-long court session saw Selby magistrates hand out fines and court bills totalling more than £3,600 as well as bans and penalty points. Two motorists failed to attend court but were convicted in their absence and were ordered to attend for punishment on August 30.

HGV driver Kevin Charles Dixon, 45, was caught doing 132mph on his Yamaha motorcycle on the A63 dual carriageway at Newthorpe on June 2, and now faces the loss of his house and job.

Magistrate Sharon Stone told him: “You have been foolhardy and reckless driving at such a speed, nearly twice the national speed limit. You may consider yourself very lucky. You could have been in court for charges far more serious than that before you today and other people could have been hurt by your recklessness.”

He was banned for 90 days and fined £340, plus £45 costs and a £15 victim surcharge after admitting speeding.

Dixon, of Warren Avenue, Knottingley, said losing his licence would mean losing his job and that would cost him his home.

“I’ve worked in transport for 20 years. I’m not qualified to do anything else,” he said. “I am just ashamed. Because of me, my family is going to suffer as well.”

Jason Dunn’s 72mph race through the 40mph zone on the A63 in Hemingbrough in a Vauxhall Astra on May 10 earned him a 21-day ban.

The 21-year-old, from Broomfleet, near Howden, East Yorkshire, said he drove for his boss and had been 20 minutes late for an appointment. He was fined £185 with £45 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Nine other drivers, who were all ordered to pay £45 costs and a £15 victim surcharge, in addition to their sentences, were:

• Mercedes driver Shayla Christina Arnold, 27, of Tennant Road, Acomb , admitted doing 96 mph on the A64 at Tadcaster . Her solicitor, Keith Haggerty, said she was racing to get home because her daughter, a passenger in the car, was feeling ill and needed medicine. Arnold said she needed her car to do two care service jobs looking after up to 20 people a week in their own homes. She was given five penalty points and fined £170.

• Mercedes driver Wendy Hughes, 44, of Peplow Close, Burton Salmon, was fined £615 and given five penalty points. Her partner, who refused to give his name to The Press, claimed he was as much to blame for the 97mph she did on the A64 at Tadcaster in their new car because he was “messing around with the buttons” which included one to put the car in “sports” mode.

• Porsche driver Dean Robert Sheriff, 43, of Dalton Terrace, York, admitted doing 97 mph on the A64 at Tadcaster and had a previous conviction for speeding. He was given five penalty points, and a £200 fine. He said he had been suffering from stomach cramp, sickness and diarrhoea and was hurrying to get to a McDonalds further along the route.

• Motorcyclist Timothy David Lee, 52, of Copperfield Close, Sherburn-in-Elmet, admitted doing 101 mph on the A63. He received a seven-day ban and a £360 fine. He had a previous conviction for speeding.

• VW Golf driver Luke Tibble, 29, of Broad Green Wellingborough, admitted doing 108 mph on the A63 at Newthorpe. He was given a 28-day driving ban and £230 fine. He said he had not been in a hurry, but had had a loss of concentration.

• Joiner Dale Harrower, 21, of Rookwood Avenue, Leeds, admitted doing 101 mph on the A63 at Newthorpe and told magistrates he could be sacked as his employers would consider the loss of his licence as “gross misconduct”. He was given a seven day ban and a £140 fine.

• Motorcyclist Richard Andrew Clee, 40, of Lindon Way, Wetherby, admitted doing 101 mph on the A63 at Newthorpe. He received a seven day ban and a £260 fine.

• Motorcyclist Eric Neil Joyce, 36, of Amberton Gardens, Leeds, admitted doing 106 mph on the A63 at Newthorpe and was issued with a 14 day ban and a £225 fine. He said a ban would cost him his job and his place on a Government-sponsored HGV training course.

• Motorcyclist Simon Williamson Etches, 49, of Derwent Park, Wheldrake, admitted doing 87 mph on the A1237 at Monks Cross. He was given five penalty points, and a £360 fine.

Convicted in their absence but still to be sentenced:

• Driver Michael Paul Carrick, 65, of New Lane, Sherburn-in-Elmet, doing 97mph on the A64 at Tadcaster and motorcyclist Paul Wilson, 42, of Nettleton Road, Leeds, doing 105 mph at the A63 at Newthorpe.