YORK’S council leader has hit out at a “sick” slogan on a T-shirt on sale in a city centre shop.

Labour’s Coun James Alexander voiced his outrage on a social networking site over the shirt on sale at Blue Moon Trading in Goodramgate.

The clothing, made to resemble T-shirts sold by rock bands when on world tours, bares the slogan: “Adolf Hitler’s tour of Europe”, underneath which it says destinations England and Russia have been “cancelled”, in reference to Hitler’s failed attempts to conquer both countries during the Second World War.

On his Twitter feed yesterday Coun Alexander branded the store “sick” and a “disgraceful shop”.

He said: “It gives a terrible impression, it’s not the tolerant and welcoming York I know.”

The shop, which sells guns, shooting accessories, and military memorabilia, is run by Stuart Sykes.

Mr Sykes said: “It’s been a saga for the last 12 months.

“We have T-shirts from all sorts of wars, from World War Two to Vietnam. If the councillor had the common sense to read the T-shirt, he’d see it’s not promoting Hitler – it is making fun of him.”

Mr Sykes admits that some people might find his T-shirts offensive but said he was not breaking any rules.

He said: “One couple thought it was hilarious and bought four and another said we were the most disgusting retailer in York.

“There are over 600 shops in UK retailing exactly the same product, it’s perfectly legal. Everything we sell is checked with our solicitor; we’re not as daft as we look.” He rejected Coun Alexander’s comments that it gives a bad image of York.

He said: “We sell hundreds to tourists, they’re certainly the biggest buyers. I’d say I’ve sold 20 this week.”

Coun Alexander responded by saying he will pursue the case further, although he has reported the shop numerous times before.

This is not the first time the shop has made headlines. In 2010, police investigated complaints the shop was selling T- shirts emblazoned with the official Nazi state insignia.

In December 2008, Mr Sykes was criticised for his decision to sell and display Nazi memorabilia including pendants with swastika designs.