A YORK man has vowed to campaign to save a large sycamore tree near to the Minster from being cut down.

The Minster Stoneyard has applied for permission to remove the tree from the grounds of the Minster pre-prep School, which is opposite the stoneyard’s entrance, and to reduce the canopy of a neighbouring maple by twenty per cent.

The application, which is awaiting consideration by City of York Council , says the sycamore has become too large and pruning would lead to a poorly formed tree, a weakened canopy and would leave the tree needing long-term maintenance.

The application also says the maple should be cut back to “rebalance it” and stop it from over hanging the public footpath and neighbouring properties.

But Jonathan Bonner, of Huntington Road, said the loss of the tree would transform the look of Deangate.

He said: “I love Deangate. I have lived in York for 35 years and I think the loss of the tree will have a significant affect.

“I definitely think it will look worse without that tree. It is 100 feet tall and will have been there 100 years. I see that as something made by God. The application says there’s nothing wrong with that tree. It’s not damaged or a threat to safety.”

Rebecca Thompson, Superintendent of Works at York Minster, said the tree would be replaced with a cherry tree or one of a similar size if the work is given the go-ahead.

She said: “The reason for felling the sycamore is because of its proximity to the wall and 7 Deangate. It has outgrown its location and reduction or pruning would result in a poorly formed tree with substantial regrowth resulting in long-term maintenance problems.

“It was agreed the tree should be removed and replaced with a cherry or similar size tree.”

Mr Bonner was also involved in the high-profile protest against the removal of a tree in the North Yorkshire village of Irton, near Scarborough, when numerous protesters climbed into the branches last year.

He said he has written to the council stating his opposition and had urged other people to do the same.

To view the application, visit planningaccess.york.gov.uk/online-applications/ and search for reference 12/02236/TCA