AN Elvington farmer has said he hopes the image of an ancient Mayan God cut into his crops will help save the world from apocalypse.

The image of Yum Kaax, the Mayan god of maize has been carved into an 18 acre field containing over one million living maize plants at York Maze.

Farmer and owner Tom Pearcy has been creating giant works of art at his maze near York for the past 11 years - including an image of Harry Potter, a Spitfire, an astronaut, the Statue of Liberty - but he says this is the most important image he has ever created.

Mr Pearcy said: “The Mayan calendar runs out in 2012 and there has been a lot of speculation amongst archaeologists and academics as to what that means. Some doomsday predictions claim it is the end of the world, others foretell of a great change.

“I’ve created the giant maze in the image of the god of maize as an offering to the gods, to ask them to watch over the earth in this time of change.”

Mayan ceremonialist and Master Shaman, LionFire, flew in from America to perform a traditional Mayan ceremony to bless York Maze.

LionFire said: “The Maya were amazing astronomers and looked to the stars to predict the future. Their Long Count calendar was based on the movement of the earth and the stars. It started in 3113BC and ran for 5125 years meaning it runs out on the winter solstice December 21, 2012. There has been a lot of controversy about the meaning of this with various doomsday predictions about the end of the world. Others say that it heralds a time of change and the start of a new phase.

“I am performing a traditional Mayan ceremony suing White Sage, Corn Meal, Tobacco, Incenses, Chocolate and other sacred items as offerings and prayers. The burning of these offerings will send these gifts into the spirit world. We welcome the spirits of the Mayan Gods and Goddesses to join us at York Maze for a smooth transition through the change in time and to bless York Maze and their visitors and to watch over all the people in the UK.”

With 10km of pathways, York Maze is the largest maze in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

York Maze opens to visitors on Saturday and will be open every day until Sunday, September 2. For more information visit