A UNIQUE Union Flag flowerbed has been unveiled at Bishopthorpe Palace to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The planting at the front of the palace which will be on view during the Diamond Jubilee Gala and Party At The Palace on Saturday.

As part of the Year Of The Environment celebrations in 2011, the Archbishop of York invited people to view online how his Palace Gardens looked all year round.

Garry O Reagan, head gardener, has written an update on the progress of the gardens in 2012 and gives a preview of his planting display for the Diamond Jubilee in which he said red and white Begonia Semperflorens, were used in the display along with blue Ageratum.

He said an Acer Drummondii would also be planted this year to mark the Jubilee.

The Party At The Palace event is sold out. Entrance to the gala from noon to 4pm is available at the gate.

Entry is £2, with children under 12 years admitted free.

Profits from the evening event will be donated to St Leonard’s Hospice, the Archbishop’s Youth Trust and local charitable organisations.