WHEN it comes to scarecrows they don’t come much better than this regal effort created for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations at a village near York.

The life-size horse, made by 81-year-old Stillington resident Dennis Law, not only includes a very royal rider but is also joined by the famous corgis which accompany Her Majesty wherever she goes.

Mr Law went to painstaking efforts to ensure the horse and Queen were as true to life as possible.

He said: “I had to measure a real horse first to get the dimensions. There were some travellers down the road and I asked one if she would mind if I measured her horse and she said ‘no, go ahead’.

“I then constructed a wooden frame, then built it up with wire netting. I gave it a hessian covering then I used a throw from a sofa.”

His work of art is expected to make its first public appearance on Monday, when Stillington residents will put out the royal-themed scarecrows they have lovingly crafted for the village’s week of celebrations.

“It’s taken me quite a few weeks and I have tried to keep it secret but when it’s in your garage people keep glimpsing it so you can’t keep it secret for long,” said Mr Law.

“It has been a lot of hard work but myself and my wife Muriel are really pleased with the result. I think if the Queen saw it she would have a surprise.

“I am going to display it outside my house on main street and we are going to parade it around the village on Saturday June 2 on the back of a trailer.”

He said: “Stillington must be one of the most patriotic villages in the country and we have a whole host of festivities planned.

“As well as the scarecrows and parade we have a flower festival in St Nicholas’s Church, picnics and barbecue, children’s games, a barn dance and the grand finale, Stillington’s got talent.”