A MOTHER from the Selby district who suffered chronic pain for years has “got her life back” after undergoing a new treatment at a Yorkshire practice.

Lisa Lindsay, from Brotherton, suffered with sciatica in her back and legs since a fall eight years ago.

The 38-year-old human resources manager tried a number of procedures including surgery, injections in her spinal cord, painkillers and even faith healing to alleviate the chronic pain.

Now, she has undergone a Spinal Cord Stimulator procedure (SCS), which works like a pacemaker as electrical impulses deliver a tingling sensation in the specific location to ease the pain, and said the two-hour procedure had changed her life.

“I had to change jobs twice to reduce the amount of travel I was doing as driving for more than 45 minutes was impossible.

“I was not able to participate in activities with my son, and even struggled with day-to-day activities that most people take for granted.

These problems combined with sleep deprivation eventually led to me suffering from depression.”

Dr Ganesan Baranidharan is a consultant in anesthesia and pain management at Spire Leeds Hospital, the private hospital in Leeds which performed the treatment.

He said the pain suffered by Lisa and about eight million others in the country was “disabling both physically and mentally”, and the NICE-recognised procedure meant sufferers would not have to rely on prescription drugs which could be short-term fixes.

Now, Lisa can control her pain at a touch of a button, and said: “I’ve missed out on so much over the years. Now, I feel like I can do anything.

“After suffering years of debilitating pain I feel that I’ve got my life back. I can go swimming, enjoy cycling and trampolining with my son and be pain-free. I just wish I’d known about it earlier.”