A MOTHER of four from Selby died after overdosing on antidepressants following a family argument, an inquest has heard.

Rachel Jayne Fletcher was found dead at home in Kitchener Street by police who broke into the property after one of her daughters was unable to reach her by phone or at the door.

The inquest, at Selby Magistrates’ Court, heard Mrs Fletcher’s body was discovered on November 19 last year, one day after she had contacted the Children’s Social Care service in Selby, to tell them she had argued with her 14 year-old daughter, over the teenager’s new boyfriend, who had then left home to stay with her father.

Debbie Simpson, department service manager of the Children’s Social Care Service, told the inquest: “The older ones [daughters] had fallen out with her and lived with their dad but they always came back. We explained she’d be back. She was laughing and joking as she left the office.”

The inquest heard Mrs Fletcher had recently found a job for the first time in several years, and was “really proud of herself”, and the staff were left with no concern for her wellbeing.

The next day, Mrs Fletcher asked another daughter round for breakfast, but when she arrived there was no answer. She tried again later, and when Mrs Fletcher did not answer, she phoned the police, who broke in and found her mother’s body.

Coroner Rob Turnbull said Mrs Fletcher had overdosed on prescription antidepressants. He recorded a verdict that she had taken her own life.

• Anyone experiencing feelings of depression and contemplating suicide can phone York Samaritans (01904) 655888.