THE Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Beatrice are expected to arrive at York train station at about 10.30am.

At 10.50am they are expected to arrive at Micklegate Bar, the city’s traditional entrance, where they will be met by a civic party led by City of York Council's chief executive Kersten England.

After walking through the walls they will head for the Minster to attend the Royal Maundy service, arriving at around 10.55am. The Queen will distribute Maundy money at the service to 86 men and 86 women as part of an annual Easter tradition. The party will leave from the Great West Door.

The royal party is due to arrive for a private, invitation only, meal at the Mansion House at 1pm. This will be attended by the civic party, winners of The Press’ Community Pride Awards and other local figures including the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, and the leaders of York’s political parties.

At 2.30pm the party is expected to arrive at the Yorkshire Museum, where they will see the exhibition “1212: Making of the City”, which marks the 800th anniversary of York's becoming a self governing city.