7.00pm - Thank you everyone for the tweets, pics and feedback on this fantastic day for York. We're leaving the live coverage now but have added more stories, pics and a video to the homepage.

5.20pm - The Royal visitors were presented with locally-made chocolates on their visit to York today. On twitter, @yorkcocoahouse has said they made moulds from the Civic chains of office and used Nicaraguan chocolate, and a 120-year-old Terry's recipe.

They also tweet: "Prince Phillip has taken 2 of our chocolates for the trip home wrapped up in a napkin. The Queen told the Lord Mayor she wasn't sharing!"

See their fantastic creation here

4.10pm - A winner of The Press Community Pride Award, Paisley Laws, has spoken about her lunch with the royal party at the Mansion House. Paisley, 18, winner of the spirit of youth award, said she was seated next to Princess Beatrice. She said: “It was a brilliant meal. She talked to me about skiing and family. She told me she had given up chocolate for Lent and asked me about college. She was really nice.

“I will remember it forever, it was an overwhelming experience, I had to remind myself it was real.”

4.02pm - There were around 15,000 people on the streets of the city today. That's the official estimate from City of York Council.

3.45pm - The Queen has left York by helicopter, after a wonderful five hours in the city.

3.10pm - Joiner John Strang has travelled all the way from Dunfermline in Scotland to be in York today. He says: "We saw the Queen at the station and then at the Minster. We came down especially for her visit and it's been brilliant. I think the Queen should do this sort of stuff more often."

3.08pm - Our reporters in St Helen's Square, Tara Hutchinson and Hannah Bryan, have been chatting to some people who spoke to The Queen.

Iris Halfpenny, from Leicester, said she wished Her Majesty a Happy Easter and gave her a card, and received a smile in return. Rosie Hobson, from Harrogate, gave the Queen some pink flowers and was thanked. Other well-wishers spoke to Beatrice and wished her a Happy Easter.

York Press: Image from PictureGalleryModule_ID:3158700

3.00pm - The Queen has presented York with a new "cap of maintenance," the city council say. York has had such a cap since 1393, and it represents the city's prestige and status. When King Richard II presented the first cap, he said it must not be taken off "before King or God".

2.48pm - The Queen is now on her way to Museum Gardens, says our roving reporter Mike Renton.

2.20pm - There's even a giant cardboard cut-out Queen in St Helen's Square. The crowds would much rather see the real one though!

York Press: Image from PictureGalleryModule_ID:3158700

2.20pm - Hundreds of people are gathered now outside the Mansion House in York, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Queen when she leaves. The flag-sellers are doing a roaring trade it seems!

1.20pm - We've a dedicated picture gallery with dozens of fantastic images from today. Click here to view them.

12.57pm - Mike Renton, outside the Minster for us, says: "The Queen, who has been in the Minster waiting for it to be cleared, passes the crowds in convoy after her first Maundy visit since 1972."

York Press: Image from PictureGalleryModule_ID:3158700

12.30pm - The Queen leaves York Minster and greets crowds at great West door. Eileen Forth, 66, of Huntington, had been waiting since 6.30am to see the Queen with her daughter and grand children. She said: "I have met the Queen before because I have worked on 11 garden parties as a waitress. She shook my hand and asked where I was from."

12.20pm - More enthusiasm over on twitter as the day's festivities continue. York Cocoa House in Blake Street tweeted: "We're getting in the spirit, our Michelle is waving her flag & offering chocolate #QueenYork & #yorkchocolatefestival". See their picture here

12.10pm - It's been a wonderful day of ceremony and celebration in York today - and in glorious sunshine too. Council chief executive Kersten England gave the formal proclamation welcoming the Queen into the city, and she then proceeded through Micklegate Bar to a rapturous welcome. Mrs England was evidently looking forward to it. This morning, she tweeted: "Beautiful day - 'Let's get this party started' in the immortal words of Pink! #QueenYork"

York Press: Image from PictureGalleryModule_ID:3158700

11.56am - At the Minster, our reporter Kate Liptrot says the Maundy Money has now all been distributed. There were 172 recipients in all - 86 men and 86 women, to represent the Queen's age, 86. Each recipient received two purses, one white and one red. The white one contains the Maundy Money coins and the red one contains a £5 coin and a 50p coin.

11.55am - Over on twitter, York Brewery say they have been to the Mansion House to leave some bottled beer for the Royals. Local confectioners have also produced chocolates for the Queen - what better souvenir of York could you ask for?

11.50am - The crowds have been dispersing at Micklegate, but the new Micklegate Quarter team have organised a fun street-party for the rest of the day, if you're in the area.

11.35am - Paul Bryan a surveyor for English Heritage from Thirsk, said: "I have never seen so many people in Micklegate before, the place was awash with colour and genuine excitement.

Although I have been fortunate enough to meet the Queen and Royal family before at Windsor Castle, it was great to see her Royal smile again and she obviously likes coming to York.

11.18am - Kayleigh Flanagon and Ella, both 12 and from York, were at the front of the barriers in Micklegate. Kayleigh says the Queen looked very nice . The girls were there from 9am and said: “She smiled at us both.”

York Press: Image from PictureGalleryModule_ID:3158700

11.15am Princess Beatrice is wearing a dark blue and white hat with a veil. The Queen is wearing an Angela Kelly turquoise and white day dress incorporating turquoise and fawn flecks, hand covered silk buttons and a hat in the same colours.

11.05amThey’ve come from far and wide to see the Queen today. Jen Lawson, 35, from Washington in the USA, says: “I’ve seen your Queen five times! I just love the way everybody gets excited about her. In America, we think she’s great!”

Jim Coldwell, from Knaresborough, says: “I got here three hours ago to make sure I had a good spot. I was in Manchester when she visited but never got a glimpse of her. It’s so great to see such celebrations for her visit to York.”

11.03am - The Queen arrives at York Minster to a loud cheer from the crowds young and old.

York Press: The Queen at Micklegate

10.59am - Hilda Hill, 74, from Strensall arrived at Micklegate Bar at 6.15am with her granddaughters Stephanie, 23, and Natalie, 20, from Strensall. Mrs Hill said her Union Flag dated to 1972, and said people had camped out from 2am that day. “I think the Queen is marvellous,” she says.”

10.53am - She's here! The Queen has arrived at Micklegate bar. First picture, thanks to our reporter on the scene, Maxine Gordon.

10.49am The Queen's procession, including religious representatives and yeomen are gathered by the Minster's west door to await the Queen's arrival. The Dean of York said: "We are enjoying the best weather in the whole of the country here in York."

York Press: Image from PictureGalleryModule_ID:3158700

10.47am - It was a very early start indeed for Vicky Cumberland, from Escrick, and her nine-year-old granddaughter Evie, from Hemingbrough. They say they were the first to arrive at Micklegate Bar – at 5 o’clock this morning! Mrs Cumberland says: “I lived near the Bar in 1971 when the Queen visited and was pictured by the Evening press holding my son Nigel, who was two. I think the Queen is fantastic!”

10.45am - Word is that the Queen has arrived at the station, says a policeman outside the Minster.

10.40am - Speculation on what colour the Queen will be wearing today. What are your predictions?

10.35am - The atmosphere is building at Micklegate, where our reporters are out and about with the crowds. Cathy Dunn, who is on a family day out for her daughter Daisy’s sixth birthday, says, Daisy and sister Millie, eight, are very excited!

Ruby Paul is here with her daughter Jennifer, six, who is currently on a quest to find a balloon! Denise Magson, of the North College of Acupuncture on Micklegate, is offering free sessions and has family and friends round for cake. She says she was up at 6am making buns, and says: “It’s a wonderful occasion for Micklegate and York.”

10.32am - Helicopter overhead at Minster. Union flags everywhere. A real buzz outside. The yeoman in red traditional costume have just paraded in to the Minster. Outside, our man Mike Renton says: "The atmosphere is electric, with thousands waving flags and banners."

10.30am - Jane Hamilton and her son Bob, both from Wigan, are on holiday in York. Jane says: "It's the first time Bob has seen Royalty - it's very exciting."

10.25am - The Royal Car is ready and waiting at York Station, ahead of the Queen’s arrival. Picture courtesy of @johngelson from @eastcoastuk on twitter.

10.20am - Mathew Greenwood, York tour guide, standing at Micklegate Bar, said: "It's the first I've ever seen the Queen in York I have seen her in London when it was the Queen Mother's 100th birthday and that was amazing, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see her in York and I'm very excited."

10.10am - Jayne Mason, at the Fancy Dance Shop in Micklegate, says business is booming. "We've been open since 7am and we've had loads of people buying Union Flag fancy dress stuff. It's so exciting to have the Queen come to York, especially on such a lovely day."

10.05am - Lots of children have brought flowers, which they hope to present to the Royal visitors. Charlotte and Edgar, four and two, are here with their grandmother Margaret Eastwood, from Pocklington. She said: "They have two bouquets, one for the Queen and one for Beatrice, so hopefully they'll get to give them to them. They're very excited."

Olivia May, nine, is also on Micklegate with her gran, Patricia May. Olivia says: "We've got flowers to give the Queen from my granny's florist. I'm really, really, really excited - I've not seen the Queen before in my life."

10.00am - Minster almost full. Air of expectation. Maundy money being laid out on tables. Police with metal detectors checking the crowds as they come in.

York Press: Image from PictureGalleryModule_ID:3158700

9.50am - Hundreds of people are at Micklegate Bar area already, with the crowds three deep. And it's still an hour before the Queen arrives.

9.45am - There are loads of children out and about in town, waving flags and enjoying the occasion. At the Minster, Megan Beard, seven, from Stamford Bridge, told our reporter Kate: "I am here with my grandparents. I've never seen the Queen before and I really want to see her. I also want to see Princess Beatrice."

Over on Micklegate, little Kate Newton, four, from Heworth, says: "I am really, really, really excited about seeing the Queen. I was not sure I wanted to come this morning because I had tummy-ache, but I am glad I came. I think she will be wearing blue, becuse it is my favourite colour."

9.40am - Mark Chapman, 44, from Micklefield, says: "I think it's a very special occasion, the Queen coming to York. It's a beautiful day and I thought I would maike the most of it. We don't know when she will come to York again, so I did not want to msis the opportunity to be here."

9.35am - This is the first time for 40 years that the Queen has distributed her Maundy Money in York. We've a fantastic picture gallery from the 1972 service here.

9.30am - Over on twitter, the #queenyork hashtag is being well used. @iang_york says: "Just come through city centre to the Guildhall - city looking fab and a real buzz about the place. #QueenYork"

9.20am - Excitement is mounting on Micklegate, says our reporter Maxine. People are already lining the streets at the Bar, a full 90 minutes before Her Majesty's arrival. At Holy Trinity Church, some civil war enthusiasts have donned fancy dress for the occasion. You can see Maxine's tweets from Micklegate at @maxineygordon

9.10am - Our reporter Kate at the Minster says the atmosphere is building, and the tourists are intrigued. Tyler Swagerman, 27, from Chicago, is here with his wife Jenny, 25. He says: "We are mostly curious but maybe a bit jealous, because we do not have anything like this in the States. We're really excited."

9.00am - What a glorious day for the Queen's visit. After the bitter cold yesterday, the sun is shining again. Remember, we'd love to see your pics and updates throughout the day too. Keep them coming!

8.40am: Crowds gathering outside York Minster - about 100 in the crowd already including a lady who is decorated in Union flags Louise Robson, 32, a teacher from South Bank, wearing a hat made by Quinnell-Hill Miliners originally made for the Royal wedding last summer.

She said: "I'm here to see the Queen, I love the Queen. I have seen her a couple of times before. I was here in 2000 when she came to York." Jo Jones, 39, from Huntington, with her children Sam, nine, Annie, six.

Jo said: "We thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and a memory for the kids and I have never seen the Queen before." Sarah Shaw, 27, from Bubwith, a museum consultant is with her husband Robert, 32, an electronic engineer.

She said: "We think the Queen is lovely and we are having a jubilee party and we have never seen her before.We think it's really nice she has come to York."

6.00am Good morning on an historic day for York! Thousands of people are expected to line the streets today, as The Queen visits the city for the first time since 2005.

We'll have reporters at Micklegate Bar and York Minster, and also out and about with the crowds around the city, and will be bringing you live rolling coverage here throughout the day.

We'd love to hear your comments as well, and to see any pictures you snap as the day unfolds. You can comment below or send your words or pictures to us on newsdesk@thepress.co.uk or on twitter @yorkpress