I WAS dismayed to read the sorry excuses mentioned by Coun Tracey Simpson-Lang (Letters, March 16) concerning the closure of the Beckfield Lane waste disposal site.

I understand this site recycles about 2,000 tons of green waste per annum, in addition to all the other domestic waste.

It is the only waste-disposal unit on the west side of York, and expecting householders to drive to the alternatives at James Street or Towthorpe in the east of York along the overcrowded A1237 is unbelievable. In fact it virtually guarantees fly tipping in the lanes around Poppleton, Acomb and Dringhouses, all of which will have to be cleared up by council staff.

To argue that the site is suddenly unsafe having been operational for more than 20 years is plainly risible, and to argue that suddenly this facility is now too expensive is equally risible.

Of course it costs money, therefore either a modest increase in the council tax or savings elsewhere are justified to preserve this essential facility.

If, as we are constantly reminded, recycling green waste is desirable, local and accessible facilities must continue to be available.

Better this facility, used by thousands of residents each year despite any shortcomings, than no facility.

Stuart Robson, Black Dyke Lane, Upper Poppleton, York.

• Coun Tracey Simpson-Laing is simply mistaken when she claims that it was a choice between “libraries, children’s centres and services for vulnerable residents or Beckfield Lane tip”.

The Liberal Democrat budget plan protected spending on frontline services, including money for the Beckfield Lane recycling centre. Instead it made savings by removing £20 million of needless borrowing and getting rid of allowances for Labour Cabinet members.

Labour rejected this plan and chose to impose cuts on local services such as the Beckfield Lane recycling centre.

Coun Simpson-Laing should tell this story like it is. If Labour think closing the Beckfield Lane recycling centre is the right thing to do, they should say so, not hide behind misinformation.

Coun Keith Aspden, Liberal Democrat, Main Street, Fulford.