A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy escaped injury only by “sheer luck” when a beer bottle was hurled through his York bedroom window, scattering glass shards over the floor and his duvet.

Owen Parsons slept on and was unharmed, but he could have been struck by the bottle or cut his feet had he woken up and run across the room, said his father Tudor Parsons.

Mr Parsons said Owen’s mum, his partner Linda Robinson, discovered the broken glass when she went to check on Owen the next morning.

Police said the incident was “very disturbing”, and revealed that officers had been conducting house-to-house inquiries and checking CCTV footage, and carrying out forensic tests on the bottle.

Mr Parsons, who lives with Miss Robinson and Owen in a first and second floor flat in High Petergate, said the bottle broke in two as it smashed the first floor window and flew across the room before landing on the floor next to Owen’s bed.

He said: “There were shards of glass, mainly from the broken window, all over the floor and even on his duvet, although fortunately none had hit his face.

“We have lived here for six years and are used to so much noise from late-night revellers that both we and Owen slept through this.

“He was fortunately still asleep when Linda came in the room in the morning, but if he’d woken up, he could have cut his feet badly when he walked across the floor. And if the heavy, jagged edge of the bottom on the bottle had hit him, he could have been seriously injured.

“Considering the trajectory and distance the bottle flew across the room, it must have been thrown with considerable force straight at the window from the other side of the street, presumably by a late-night drunk. Another window at a nearby business was put through on the same night.”

He said the incident happened between 11pm on Friday, March 9, after Miss Robinson looked in on Owen, and about 7am on the Saturday morning.

He said the bottle was from a Brew Dog 77 lager, which his investigations had shown was sold by only three city centre pubs and bars.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “While this appears to have been an isolated and seemingly random incident of criminal damage, it was nevertheless very disturbing for the family and has caused great deal of anguish.

“It was only through sheer luck that their son was not injured in some way, either by being hit directly by the thrown beer bottle or from standing on broken glass on the bedroom floor.

“Police inquiries remain ongoing to trace whoever is responsible for the damage.”

He asked anyone with information to phone Howard Found at North Yorkshire Police, on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.