A YORK baker is hoping to set up a shop after his “real bread” has proved a hit with customers.

Al Kippax, who used to work as a chef in London, moved to York with his family with the idea of opening a café or restaurant.

But finding premises proved difficult and Mr Kippax started baking bread with no processing aids or other artificial additives in the kitchen of their home in Bishophill.

The Bluebird Bakery has since become one of the first 50 bakeries in Britain to adopt The Real Bread Loaf Mark since it was launched in September 2011 by ambassadors of the Real Bread Campaign, which is part of the charity Sustain: The Alliance For Better Food And Farming.

Mr Kippax delivers his loaves, which include sourdough, rye and wholemeal, as well as beetroot and spinach loaves, around the city.

He has a stall at Newgate Market, which now opens on Tuesdays as well as Thursdays.

He also sells from four York delis – Alligator, Tarts And Titbits, Henshelwoods and the Good Food Shop, as well as The Ackhorne pub, just off Micklegate.

He said that he saw a gap in the market, started experimenting with baking and then went on a course in Scotland to hone his bread-making skills.

He said: “For a city the size of York, there’s not much coverage in terms of quality bread. There’s got to be a gap in the market. I’m busy already and it’s only been a couple of months.”

Currently baking the bread at night in his kitchen, Mr Kippax said it would not be long before he was at capacity and would need to think about moving on somewhere.

“In the long term I’m looking to find a premises, either a production unit on a business estate or possibly a small shop somewhere.”

He said was interested in opening a shop in Micklegate and be part of the Micklegate Quarter’s efforts to reinvigorate the street.