WE have our brave soldiers giving their lives to keep us safe. There are young men killing each other around the country. There are nearly three million young people out of work, while millions struggle to pay their bills.

What do you think the coalition wants to talk about? It wants to repeal the hunting ban. Can anyone explain to me why you just can’t ride out with the hounds?

Why do you need to chase and kill a sentient being? With animal cruelty on the increase, how are we supposed to teach our kids that animal cruelty is wrong, when the people who make the laws of the land are the ones doing the cruelty?

Killing for fun belongs in the past; leave it there. Also let’s not forget that this blood thirsty coalition aims to kill thousands of badgers.

Future generations will never forgive our cruelty.

Mr D Fillingham, The Crossway, York.