BAD vibrations caused by buses driving over potholes in a York street are infuriating residents.

Householders in Tranby Avenue, Osbaldwick, say their homes are being shaken up to a dozen times an hour by buses because the road is in such a poor condition, and they argue that City of York Council should be repairing the whole street now.

They spoke out after it emerged that the authority is set to carry out repairs to a second section of the street, which was damaged by an experimental resurfacing technique in 2006 which ended in failure.

The Press reported last week that Tranby is on a list of 37 roads which are being made a priority for repairs in the coming year.The council’s programme includes provisional expenditure of £150,000 on repairs to a a second section of the street, after work on a first section was completed recently.

But resident Chris Caulfield said the whole street should be repaired in one go, rather than in a piecemeal fashion. He said: “My entire house – and everyone else’s house – is shaken when a bus goes by, and we get ten to 12 per hour.”

He said when potholes were reported, the council swiftly came to fill them in, but within weeks the problem was as bad as ever.

Mark Warters, Osbaldwick Independent councillor, said the work should be done as a “job lot”, as it was the council’s own failed experiment which had led to the break-up of the road.

He said: “It’s just not good enough.” He said the authority should have plenty of money to pay for such work, as it could use some of the £5.65 million it had received for land at Osbaldwick where Derwenthorpe is being built.

Andy Binner, head of Highway Infrastructure at the council, said a £150,000 improvement scheme for Tranby Avenue was being proposed for the new financial year.

He said: “If successful, this would enable a complete reconstruction of the worst section of the road. We’re aware of residents’ concerns and are regularly inspecting the highway, and repairing any defects as required.”