THERE is no evidence whatsoever that cattle contract Bovine TB from badgers.

Scientific research indicates that Bovine TB can be reversed by rigid application of cattle-based control measures alone, without killing any badgers.

Professor John Bourne says cattle and poor animal husbandry by the farming industry are as much to blame for Bovine TB. Why has this bloodthirsty Government cancelled five out of six existing vaccinations trails regarding badger and cattle vaccinations?

The Government is also scrapping environmental protection laws by labelling them as red tape. These laws protect our environment. This is just giving the farming business complete control of our countryside.

Let us not forget up to 20,000 badgers are killed by lampers and landowners every year.

To help stop this slaughter, visit and sign the petition today. Write or email Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State for DEFRA, at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA telling her to stop the slaughter of defenceless badgers.

If the badgers are going to be shot, it is very likely they will not be killed outright, but will instead be left slowly bleeding to death. Stop this now. Future generations will never forgive our cruelty.

D Fillingham, The Crossway, York.