A FAMILY who went to watch a bonfire night display have spoken of their terror when an unexploded firework fell from the sky on to the roof of their car.

The large firework crashed on to the car as dad Tom Norris watched the Selby Town Council display with his nine-year-old daughter, Leah, and her cousin, Cieran.

It narrowly missed mum Donna Norris, who was standing outside with family members, and badly dented the roof of the car, she said.

Mrs Norris said: “It came down and hit the back of the car and lots of debris from it went in my face. My sister’s husband ran over and grabbed the firework off the top of the car, it was still smouldering, it had not exploded.

“If it had hit somebody it would have killed them.”

The Hemingbrough family said they had met with relatives to watch the Scott Road display from the neighbouring Sainsbury’s car park.

Mr Norris said: “My daughter is not keen on fireworks and that is why I stayed in the car with her. Leah was getting better, but she was absolutely terrified after that.

“When we look at the car we think how lucky we were. If that thing went off you can’t believe what could have happened.”

The firework was dealt with by the fire service and the family was also spoken to by a council representative who said they would contact them during the week.

Mr Norris said he intended to complain to Selby Town Council about the incident.

Selby Town Council leader Steve Shaw-Wright said he was aware of the incident and said the council was investigating what had happened to determine whether it was one of their fireworks.

He said : “There’s nothing we can say at the moment because the council is undertaking an investigation.”