The trial into the murder of Mark Webb heard details of an exchange of text messages between him and his wife Susan Webb.

8.09am Mark Webb - I have a nice surprise for you later.

10.12am Susan Webb - Got plans later. Kerry (Munton) asked if we want to go to her house for pizza.

10.13am Mark Webb - So I won't be able to see the kids then?

They then had a brief telephone talk.

2.59pm Mark Webb - You are stopping me seeing my kids again, so please don't blame me if I kick off because my children are important to me.

3.03pm Susan Webb - Pity you didn't think like that when you lived with them.

3.07pm Mark Webb - Don't blame me when I kick off then, you are taking my kids away from me and this wasn't my fault.

3.08pm Susan Webb - Never is your fault, is it, poor little old Mark.

3.13pm Mark Webb - No, but I do warn you, if I have to lose my kids then you will too, you don't scare me any more. I should have died when you killed our first baby, I am ready to die.

3.18pm Susan Webb - Yes, whatever Mark, and the answer to your question the other day, yes I am seeing someone else.

3.21pm Mark Webb - So you are going to tell the divorce guy this, yes?

3.22pm Susan Webb - Like that is any of your business

3.24pm Mark Webb - So you really are the two-faced lying cow I always said you were. Now you give me a reason, ha, ha, ha

3.26pm Susan Webb - Reason for what?

3.27pm Mark Webb - Nothing while my kids are with you, baby

3.29pm Susan Webb - My kids you mean

3.32pm Mark Webb - You couldn't keep the first baby's life but carried on and on to fill your loss and didn't think of me.

3.33pm Susan Webb - Why don't you do us all a favour and go die?

3.40pm Mark Webb - I don't believe you, I just think you are trying to hurt me.

3.42pm Susan Webb - Don't believe me, ask anyone, ask mother she's met him twice.

Final message a couple of minutes later after Mark Webb had spoken to his mother in law: "So why do you cheat on me - I never did for you."

They had a seven-minute phone call at 3.46pm. Within half an hour, Mark Webb was fatally injured.