A PUZZLE ENTHUSIAST from York will have her witty words immortalised in a new edition of the word game Scrabble hitting shops this week.

For the first time ever in the game’s 60 year history, makers have allowed fans to rip up the Scrabble rule book and Alexandra Bostock from Wigginton was just one of five people from the UK to see her rule form part of the game.

More than 1,500 entries were submitted before Scrabble makers whittled them down to the final five.

Alexandra’s rule will allow players to pass on an undesirable tile from their rack to their opponents for the first time ever. In addition to seeing her trick brought to life, Alexandra has also won £1,000 for her clever contribution.

As well as Alexandra’s new trick, players of the new game will also be able to use text speak, steal opponents’ tiles and even play celebrity names.

Just like Scrabble Original, in the new Scrabble Trickster Special UK Edition, players combine letters on their rack to score points by connecting them to words on the board. But, this time around, if competitors play a word across a Trick square, they get the chance to break one of the new rules chosen by the British public.

Alexandra, 26, said: “I heard about the competition as I was looking on the Mattel website to see if there were any more scrabble games I didn't have other than the normal board game.

“I entered as I am a huge Scrabble fan and thought the idea of a game where there were more aspects than just the standard word play sounded really good.

“I've been a Scrabble fan ever since I can remember. My parents have a really old board game that they bought in the 70's that we used to always play.

“Since then we have updated and have the pink Breast Cancer game. My colleague at work and I play Scrabble on the Facebook application pretty much every lunch break, so I play it almost daily.

“I feel so lucky that my trick has been chosen from all the applications. I never gave it a second thought when I entered that I might actually win.

“I will definitely be buying the game to see my trick in action. My friends and family are all really pleased for me – they cannot believe that my passion for Scrabble has actually paid off.”

Priced at around RRP £20, the board game will be available from all good toy shops nationwide.