ROCK star turned award-winning cheesemaker – an unlikely combination? Not for former Blur bassist Alex James.

Since leaving the Britpop scene behind, Alex has been hard at work on his organic farm in Oxfordshire obsessing over, tasting and most importantly creating new types of cheese.

The end result is a unique, family-orientated range – Alex James Presents – available exclusively at ASDA stores, showcasing such weird and wonderful flavours as cheddar and tikka masala and cheddar and tomato ketchup.

Kicking off his aptly-named “Cheesy Rider” tour in York at Asda’s Monks Cross store, Alex is now travelling the country educating and spreading his love of cheese.

Inspired by his children and their love for his special cheese on toast, Alex wanted to use his passion to create an everyday, affordable range the whole family could enjoy.

He said: “Cheese is a universal pleasure.

“You can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner.”