AFTER seeing yet more photos of dead rhinos with their magnificent horns hacked off by chainsaw-wielding poachers, controlling my anger has been a difficult task.

I’ve wanted to make those responsible suffer an even worse fate than what they inflicted on these beautiful creatures.

However, since possessing no power or authority at all, I am obliged to sit in my home and do nothing, and I am one frustrated son of a gun.

Time is running out for this 50 million- year-old mammal, particularly now that a single horn can fetch £250,000 – making it more valuable weight for weight than gold.

Stricter poaching laws are not the answer – and it’s probably only the zoo system that can preserve the rhino species for future generations to marvel at.

A bitter pill to swallow for great lovers of wild nature in general and Africa in particular.

Aled Jones, Mount Crescent, Bridlington.