HOME comforts were cast aside this week by an East Yorkshire man who set up his bed in some of the most extreme areas of Britain in a gruelling six-day challenge.

Andy Strangeway, from Full Sutton, arrived home on Wednesday after a spending a night in each of the four most extreme compass points in the UK, as well as the lowest point – Holme Fen in Cambridgeshire – and the highest point, which saw Andy spend a chilly night at the summit of Ben Nevis in Scotland.

He said: “I have done the end-to-ender, which is Lands End to John O’ Groats, but I decided to sleep at all the other points in between.

“For the first two I slept in a bivvy bag and the next two I slept in a tent. On Ben Nevis I slept in the emergency shelter which is up there.”

With Andy setting up camp at the most easterly, westerly, northerly and southerly points of the UK, he said he wanted it to be at the most extreme point, and so slept as near to the sea as he could get.

“At Lizard Point I laid on a rock,” he said, “and at Lowestoft Ness I was just feet from the sea.

“The one which caused my wife the most worry was Dunnet Head in Caithness, the most northerly point, where I had my tent just four or five foot from the cliff edge.

“I go to the most extreme point. There’s no point in going to these places and then sleeping in the car park.”

He said: “It’s been an amazing week going all round these places and you realise what a wonderful place this country is.”

Andy is no stranger to extreme challenges.

In 2007 he slept on all 162 of the Scottish islands.

However, the 46-year-old refused to be drawn on his next challenge.

He said: “There are lots of things out there but it’s a case of time and energy.”