A DOG groomer in York has presented pet owners with a novel way of getting their animals clean.

Kelly Burley, who owns Pretty Paws in Huntington, has unveiled a new walk-in dog bath, to help dog owners keep their bathrooms tidy at bath times.

Kelly, 31, said: “I’ve been doing this since 2006, but I moved my dog-grooming business from my home to a proper shop earlier this month, complete with a self-service dog bath.

“It’s a big thing in Australia and the US, they have them at petrol stations.

“I think one has just opened in Leeds, but I’m the first one in York.”

The machine can shampoo, condition, shower, rinse and dry even the biggest dogs, and costs between £5 and £10 to use.

Pretty Paws is hosting an open day on Saturday, between 11am and 3pm, at the new store in Derwent Walk, Huntington.