VANDALS caused damage to a train in East Yorkshire after suspending a bag containing faeces and stones across a railway line at train window height.

British Transport Police have described the action as “abhorrent” and have asked for help from the public to find those responsible.

Pc Gary Shepherd said: "A length of green cord was attached to the signal gantry and stretched across two sets of railway lines then attached to a tree on the opposite side.

“A plastic bag containing ballast and faeces was then suspended from the bag at train window height.

"The 17.41 Sheffield to Scarborough service, which was travelling through the area, struck the suspended bag at around 50mph, narrowly missing the driver's windscreen. A small dent was made to the front of the train, which was also covered in faeces."

The incident, which happened shortly before 8pm on Saturday, July 23, near Driffield, was said to have left the train driver “extremely shocked” and resulted in the train being taken out of service to be cleaned. The bag also caused what was described as a ”small dent” on the train.

PC Shepherd said: “I have no idea what would possess someone to do such a disgraceful thing. A lot of planning must have gone into this, setting up the cord and attaching the bag would have taken some time.”

If you can help British Transport Police with their enquiry, call 0800 40 50 40.