A GROUP of York residents will spend the next 12 months living the good life, despite rising fuel, energy and food bills.

They will be taking part in a year-long project between the University of York and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The New Earswick Good Life project is aimed at giving the village’s inhabitants the chance to make the most of what they have, despite living in a time of austerity. They will decide what activities they want to get involved in at a recruitment drive at New Earswick Folk Hall between 7pm and 9pm on Wednesday.

Dr Gary Haq, Good Life co-ordinator, said: “We have an exciting programme of free fun events over the next year and invite all New Earswick residents to get involved. We have something for everyone. This is an opportunity to save money, enjoy free fun activities, participate in community events, learn new skills, meet new people and improve the local environment.”

The collaboration is looking at ways people can improve their homes and living environment as well as their own wellbeing.

During the 12 months of the project, which began this month, residents will have the chance to learn how to stay warm and save money, get fitter using a green gym and grow their own vegetables, among other activities.

Dr Haq is a research associate at the Stockholm Environment Institute, an international independent organisation at the University of York which specialises in scientific analysis of issues affecting the environment.