Graduates collected their University of York degrees today in the final of three ceremonies.

One graduating student leaves with not just a Sociology degree but as a new mother too.

Clare Keegan, 22, gave birth to Baby Imogen, now eight months old, early in the third year of her studies.

Not only did Clare take motherhood in her stride, but she turned it to her advantage by making it the topic of her research.

While breastfeeding her new daughter, she carried out 22 interviews with other new mums from the York and Durham areas for a dissertation about the sociology of infant feeding practices.

Her dissertation on the social constraints and pressures faced by young mothers in relation to both breast and bottle feeding earned Clare outstanding marks.

Clare, from Durham, said: “It hasn’t been easy but it’s been a fantastic year. I love being a mum! Originally I was really worried about whether I’d be able to stay at university with a newborn, but I was determined to complete my degree.

“My partner has helped me manage being a student and a new parent, as he understands what it’s like as he’s also a student at York. My mum and partner’s mum, neither of whom live in York, have been really supportive, and so has my department, always welcoming Imogen and happy to see her, which has been very important to me.”

Her experiences of motherhood have also helped Clare in her choice of career and she will begin a midwifery course in Bradford this autumn.

Clare will graduate with a BA in Sociology (2:1) today.

English and Related Literature

Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy: Farjana Khanom.


Bachelor of Arts in History and Politics: Micol Tomassini Barbarossa.

Doctor of Philosophy in English: Hannah Baker, Kurt Andrew Johnson, Katherine Mary Kim-Mclean, Johanna Elizabeth Lochner, Hazel MacKenzie, Stephanie Miller, Chloe Kathleen Preedy, Amritesh Singh.

Master of Arts in English Literary Studies: Victoria Samantha Dawson.

Bachelor of Arts in English: Tamsin Ajmal, Charlotte Elizabeth Rose Alexander-Marsh, Michael Allard, Nicholas Jonathan Allen, Lyndon Frederick Ashmore, Natasha Jo Ashurst, Leila Catherine Asrari, Katherine Barnett, Matthew Beard, Naomi Louise Benneyworth, Daniel Alan Bey, Monica Clare Black, Cecily Rose Blench, Victoria Bolstridge, Hannah Francesca Rose Bolt, Jennifer Bottomley, Christopher James Brent, Sita Indira Bridglal, Samantha Burton, Eleanor Caddy, Max William Callaghan, Claire Canavan, Hannah Cann, Nanki Kaur Chawla, Adrian Choa, Mingsee Chung, Aryn Edward Clark, Jessica Rose Cleaver, Laura Victoria Coleman, Francesca Anna Coley, Emma Cooke, Samantha Joanne Cooper, James William Cousins, Laura Cress, Madeleine Crowe, Jane Crowley, Gareth Aled Davies, Lucy Elizabeth Davies, Elizabeth Dearden, Henry John De Moraville, Daniel William Dixon, Susan Catherine Dodd, Callum James Hamilton Douglas, Serena Driver, Paul Robert Dryhurst, Jenna Marie Dugan, Abigail Constance Jayne Eggleston, Rebecca Anne Ellis, Katherine Fenton, Rosemary Alice Fletcher, Jina Foo, Jamie Foreman, Jennifer Ruth Foreman, Catherine Sarah Froggett, Laura Berenice Furniss, Danielle Gagola, Ruth Harriet Gallie, Roisin May Gerrard, Sarah Gordon, Charlotte Elizabeth Grant, Timothy Louis Thomas Green, Thomas William Gregory, Laura Mary Griffin, Bryony Anne Hall, James Harmer, Andrew James Harris, Megan Victoria Harrison, Genevieve Lara Hass, Rachel Ann Haynes, Gideon Joel Heugh, Stephan Hibbitt, Charlotte Hogarth-Jones, Joella Isabelle Hope, Clara How, Lara Howe, Sarah Howell, Katherine Hughes, Robert William Raymond Hughes, Siobhan Rose Hurley, Daniel Keefe, Helen Marie Keenan, Thomas William George Killingbeck, Annemari Henriikka Koppinen, Elizabeth Kyte, Emily Labram, Thomas Lambert, William Le Moyne de Martigny Booth, Melanie Leong, Ashleigh Belinda Lewis, Xinyi Sharon Ling, Philippa Loyley, Rosemary Dawn Macleod, Edward Charles Maitland Smith, Katie Jessica Markham, Celia Kate Marr, Liberty Rose Mawhood, Katherine Jane McKenna, Natalie Emma Ann Milner, Leah Sarah Mitchell, Melissa Mitchell, Rabiatul Adawiyah Mohamad, Rosie Susannah Newland, Charles John Nichols, Charlotte Elizabeth Nicholson, Samuel James Nixon, Katie Bridget O’Malley, Luke O’Sullivan, Michael Raymond Palmer, Amy Victoria Pargeter, Kerry Joanne Parry, Holly Louise Phillips, Genevieve Rose Ponsford, Alexander Christopher Price, Rose Rea, Christopher Michael Reardon, Sairah Rehman, Alex Reid, Alexandra Claire Reynolds, Sarah Anne Richardson, Hannah Amelia Rickayzen, Molly Beatrice Riggins, Emily Victoria Riley, Charles Rivington, Matthew Adam Rounds, Emma May Rudeck, Emily Vivienne Russell, Emily Sargeant, Rachel Jane Savery, Christopher Michael Peter Watson Shaw, Luke Simpson, Jacob Guion Wade Soule, Danielle Sophie Spears, Rebecca Stanley, Amanda Victoria Stec, Kate Jane Straker, Frederick Moir Stratford, Jessica Mary Sweeney, Jasmine Tarmey, Jack Vaughan Taylor, Victor Chun Tong, Chiara Tamsin Tuckett, Alexander John Tyerman, Laura Jane Ward Nokes, Rachel Elizabeth Wareing, Alice Whittemore, Ollie Wiggins, Helena Rosamund Abigail Wood, Beth Lucy Yarwood Smith.

Bachelor of Arts in English and History: Laura Rosemary Bootland, Laura Jayne Connor, Natalie Hare, Emma Holtz, Ruth Alice Houghton, Tomos Hughes, Shannon Patricia Kavanagh, Emma Jayne Latham, Bryony Ella Mills, Katie Jean Sherry, Harriet Gwendoline Lloyd Still, Hannah Williams.

Bachelor of Arts in English and History of Art: Sarah Helen Bolwell, Elizabeth Chan, Thomas Fox, Louise Yvonne Gardiner, Lisa Daniela Grijzenhout, Katherine Louise Hampson, Scott Lawrence MacFadyen, Hannah Elizabeth Mumby, Charles Clifford James Norden, Michelle Page-Croft, Harriet Elizabeth Robins, Faye Elizabeth Tyreman, Rebecca Witterick.

Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy: Augustine Beamish-Cook, Amy Claire Brown, Richard Hands, Hollie Jordan Kendall, Richard Lemmer, Thomas Meerstadt, Claire Smith, Emily Kate Spooner, Daisy Steele, Sarah Hannah Turner, Imogen Scarlett Grace Wood.

Bachelor of Arts in English and Politics: Laura Clare Cutler, Lauren Grace Gutteridge, Merryn Hockaday, Natalie Orgill, Lucy Elizabeth Potter, Marnie Richards, Naomi Laurel Shields, Hannah Signy, Peter Sutton, Maryann Varsamides, Nathalie Rose Whittle.


Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Economics and Management: Elizabeth Curmi.

Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science: Muhammad Nauman Ahmad.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management: Hoi Yi Stephanie Au Yeung, Alexandra Victoria Bennieston, Josephine Brayshaw, Matthew Edward Burke, Alexander David Chapman, Alexander Robert Chazot, Chi Kwan Chiu, Lucy Jayne Dablin, Tamara Dimova, James Durrant, Dongliang Fan, Matthew Fisketjon, Nicole Galkiewicz, Laura-Jayne Herriott, Kashif Hussain, Ching Pong Lai, Robert Marsh, Charlotte Emma Mummery, David George Pettet, Joshua Stannack, Dario Traum, Amy Wood, Luyin Ye, Krishna Yellappa.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geography: Sarah Elizabeth Bebb, Michael Bradburn, Helen Louise Bradley, Coralie Marie Branch, Ian Brown, Catherine Bywood, Faye Dobson, Marios Economou, Oliver Funnell, Jamie Furber, Robert Hanley, Emily Harrington, Catherine Elizabeth Heugh, Robert Thomas Huntington, Catherine Louise Johnson, Frances Elizabeth Jones, Michael Thomas Kendra, Eve Mary Kennedy, Timothy Guy Knibbs, Elizabeth Newmarch, Robert James Paul, Michael John Perkins, Florence Price, Sarah Pritchard, Aaron Rolph, Annabel Sill, Robert William Fewson Stead, Thomas John Ullyott, Helen Walsh, Jennifer Williams, Harriet Yuile.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science: Khurshid Anwar, Hannah Cooper, Charles Edward Barlow Dexter, Sarah Goss, Eleanor Harris, Benjamin Innes, Katie Louise Jolly, Philip Lamb, Megan Purkiss Lindeman, Sophie Elizabeth McLoughlin, Sam Morris, Shaun Anthony Morton, Claire Nattrass, Rebecca Jo Stormes Newman, Stephanie Northcott, Danushki Amritha Peiris, Katie Jane Privett, Zarozinia Amy Sheriff, Arielle Blair Stealey, Helen Jane Thompson, Joanna Thompson Witton, Chun Cheung Wong.


Bachelor of Laws: Mark Alexander John Abbott, Alexandra Martine Adie, Tobias Adkins, Sebastian James Allen, Rebecca Austin-Heath, Lauren Baker, Philip Bowers, Emma Chelsea Bowman, Natalie Marie Brody, Catriona Martine Brown, Dominic Canning, Laura Elizabeth Carter, Alex Chadwick, Charlotte Elizabeth Coyle, Sam Dempster, Abdoulie Fatt, April Josephine French, Krzysztof Kornel Garstka, Nathan Grant Gee, Leanne Good, Charlotte Eleanor Haigh, Francesca Harris, Megan Jayne Harris, Rachael Helen Kate Hawkin, Richard Hedlund, Andrew John Heppel, Elizabeth Hill, Helen Kathryn Hogan, Adam Jared Housley, Kate Elizabeth Hunter, Abigail Jones, Robert Ellis Jones, Trereve Jopson, Ali Kazmi, Michal Kovac, Oliver Law, Seoyoung Lee, Abigail Rhona Little, Rachael Elizabeth Longstaff, Thomas Edward Longstaff, Katherine Lowe, Felicity Helen Mills, Sarah Frances Louise Morris, Linda Mulligan, Katie Louise Oliver, Rachel Elizabeth Pennington, Jessica Marie Plum, Sele Pretoru-Gogo, Benjamin Proctor, Amy Richards, Christopher Andrew Riply, Laura Robertson, Bethany Christina Sheen, Thomas Michael Spring, Michael Oliver Steels, Stephanie Sumner, Alice Vera Butler Taylor, Rebecca Marie Taylor, Samuel Teasdale, Aditi Thakker, Luke William Henry Thomson, Craig Anthony Tordoff, Dunzil-John Turbevill, Hanah Wallace Vanstone, Sian Waldron, Ian James Whitehead, Lisa Whitworth, Ebba Wigerstrom, Abigail Zuk.


Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology: Nikolaos Andreadis, Dimitra Ioannou, Tulika Jaiswal, Samuel Robert Mathias, Nazar Hussain Soomro.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology: Amy Adams, Huriye Atilgan, Matthew Aubrook, Nathan James Badger, Helen Madeline Baker, Cassia Rose Barton, Hannah Louise Belcher, Adam Blythe, Emma Bond, Holly Miranda Boutell, Hannah Brown, Kristy Louise Bryant, Briony Butler, Sarah Katherine Cadwallader, Imogen Ann Mary Campbell, Maxine Campion, Andrew Hoong Yew Chan, Shuk Ling Miki Chan, Hill Tung Winnie Cheng, Hoi Lam Cheng, Joanne Clark, Olivia Collins, Sarah Coltman, Fern Cosgrave, Rachel Victoria Crabbe, Rosamond Ruth Olivia Crampton, Laura Julie Helen Crookston, Josh Dallos, Emma Katherine Davis, Sophie Elizabeth Dawson, Francesca Sarah Dickinson, Guler Dogan, Rosie Emery, Shiyi Feng, Sarah Victoria Forrest, Kate French, Lauren Elizabeth Furniss, Lorraine Gill, Leah Glover, Melanthe Grand, John Patrick Grogan, Emily Heather Hanbury, Lauren Henshall, Chi Wah Cara Ho, Richard Louis Charles Hoggart, Meng Di Hou, Harriet Rose Humpage, Helen Irwin, Melanie Katherine Irwin, Bryony Joyce James, Hannah Eppie James, Agnieszka Jozefa Jaroslawska, Emma Shirley Jones, Angela Kirby, Kin San Lau, Nalini Joy Lazarus, Wing Yiu Lee, Wing Sum Leung, Yan Hei Li, Katherine Livesey, Emily Lloyd, Rebecca Jane Lowe, Yi Lu, Huo Heng Jochebed Lui, Hannah Louise Lynch, Victoria Jane Lynch, Laura Louise Marsay, Naomi Ellen Martin, Peggy McCoid Davies, Lorna Middleton, Pavlina Mihhaleva, Stephanie Moon, Stephanie Jane Motley, Anchal Munshi, Marlies Kari Neuner, Yim Yeung Ngo, Dea Nielsen, Finnguala Obriain, Matilda Jonna Sofie Ohlsson, Sarah Louise Oliver, Deborah Weng Yan Or, Sarah Jane Page, Liuqing Pan, Niclair Parker, Thomas Benjamin Parker, Katie Louise Parkinson, Anna Pasiecznik, Kirsty Michelle Patterson, Andrew Peabody, Henry David Pearson, Hannah Place, Hannah Ivy Poole, Jonathan Michael Potter, Cindy Jane Prescott, Fang Qu, Nithya Ratnayake, Charlotte Reeve, Grace Rice, Ashley Ross Richardson, Hannah Frances Robertson, Stephanie Lauren Robinson, Amy Rolfe, Joanne Linda Round, Joanna Marie Rowland, Felicity Saunders, William Schaller, Hannah Scott, Sara Adil Shaikh, Rong Shan, Tharaki Javendra Siyaguna, Katherine Elizabeth Sleightholm, Amy Victoria Smith, Elliot James Smith, Ryan Smith, William Steven, Ekaterina Stolyarchuk, Xue Li Samantha Tan, You Xin Tan, Kim-Long Robert Tang-Wright, Clare Louise Taylor, Madeleine Thomas, Sarah Jane Tillotson, Hannah May Togneri, Sarah Elizabeth Triner, Momoko Ueda, Susanna Mary Ward, Rachael Watkin, Lauren May Welland, Victoria West, Sara Elizabeth Whylie, Chun Ho Wong, Henness Hing Garm Wong, Jane Wong, Man Lok Nichol Wong, Men Heng Marian Wong, Peony Tsz Yi Wong, Stephanie Wong, Francesca Abigail Chloe Woods, Thomas Wright, Michelle Yates, Nicole Jing Yee Yip, Michellie Louise Young.


Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy: Vladislav Vojtovic.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy: Jordan Hugh Abbott, Charlotte Emily Armstrong, Sarah Jean Ayliff, Katherine Beaumont, Grace Ilaena Blundell, George Breese, Sebastian Bunyan, Joshua Luke Cockayne, Thomas David Lindholm Cook, Freya Cookson, Catherine Cooper-White, Neelam Dave, Sarah Elizabeth Davies, Oliver Drake, Thomas Sebastian Farrow, Carly Fetch, Zoe Garnett, Erin Lian Gilbert, Marcus Gilbert, Daniel Phillip Gill, Thomas Michael Gorin, Corinne Melinda Grundon, Duncan Keith Halpin, Veronica Mary Hare, Janina Adele Harris, Kathryn Charlotte Hemus, Odinn Orn Hilmarsson, Michael Hobbs, Rory Hodgson, Natascha Janina Hoehfurtner, Mohammed Arslan Hussain, Timothy Benjamin Kingsley Inman, Scarlett Olga Anoushka Kassimatis, Sam Lewis, Benjamin Gar Kay Li, Lachlan Charles Marais-Gilchrist, Lauren McMahon, Jessica Mary Moore, Michael Mulry, Samuel James Partridge, Felicity Plimmer, Joshua Posner, Huw Charles Randall-Smith, Michael John Rutter, Joanna Pauline Seckl, William Peredur Anteros Haakon Smith, Samuel Tunnicliffe, Elanin Louise Vince, Nicholas Richard Walter, Michael Warren.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Sociology: Jazmine Star Fleet, Barnaby Patrick Francis, Samuel Gibb, Miriam Mathieson, Sean Ryan.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with Education: Victoria Pentecost.


Doctor of Philosophy in Politics: Rowan Allport, Georgios Chatzigiagkou, Hsi-I Angel Chen, Henry Gamaliel Chingaipe Ng’oma, Alfonso Luis Donoso Moscoso, Thomas William Flynn, Muhammad Ayub Jan, Taweesak Kritjaroen, Timothy Craig Wirt II, Kai-Jung Yuan.

Master of Arts in International Political Economy - Critical Theories, Issues and Conflicts: Harriet Victoria Rothney Unwin.

Master of Arts in Political Philosophy: Andrii Pavlenko.

Master of Arts in Public Administration and Public Policy: Claudia Gazol Moncada.

Master of Arts in Public Administration and Public Policy: Fatimah Banu Jahan Khir.

Master of Public Administration: David Jones, Haekyung Oh.

Master of Public Administration in Public Administration with Professional Placement: Taek Ryeol Jeong, Jinee Jung, Kyusun Lee, Seong-Ryong Lee, Bong-Keun Leem.

Bachelor of Arts in Politics: Steven Mackay Bainbridge, Alexander Benjamin Balzanella, William Norman Barr, James Bulley, Toby Finbarr Buxton, Jonathon Robert Carr, David Clarke, Rebecca Cleary, Thomas Coates, James Croydon, Sarah Jean Webber Dean, Gary Carl Dickinson, Harriet Ann Edwards, Timothy Robert Ellis, Georgia Kate Fitzgerald Faris, William Charles Felgate, Daniel Flynn, Charlotte Forbes, Ben Gascoyne, Gebrial Ghirmay, Nicholas Adrian Goulding, Simon James Hargreaves, Peter Iveson, Sofia Lambert, Olivia Natasha Lerche, Thomas Lewis, Jeremy Jonathan Lilley, Robert Edward Albert Lingard, Patrick MacCarthy Morrogh, Edward Charles MacKway, Alastair Matheson, Thomas Michael Stuart McCarthy, Jack Moon, Graeme Osborn, Niall Parr, Nathaniel David Michael Paulson, Sarah Pepper, Olivia Phoenix, Natalie Schofield, Tahir Shetty, Samuel James Shutt, Miles Sinclair, Christopher Southeran, Stefanie Manning Spencer-Martins, Thomas Stilliard, Thomas James Tweddle, Emma Jane Unwin, Niall Walsh, Benjamin Ward, Stephen Victor Thomas Wilson, Christopher Nicholas Young.

Bachelor of Arts in Politics with International Relations: Caroline Elizabeth Aliwell, Natasha Okello Apio, Alexandra Bacon, Georg Adrian Bolits, Rasa Cincyte, Thomas Edward Dawes, Alexandra Dobra, Anne Lise Depraetere Flaeten, Sema Ghaith, Rachel Elizabeth Harris, Gordon James Harrison, Claire Elizabeth King, Stanislava Radoslavova Kunovska, Claudia Longo, Emilie O’Herne, Orsolya Pall, Ka Kin Pang, Megan Victoria Preston, Hugh Salway, Lukas Savickas, Brigita Staupaite, Hannah Weaver, Jack Williams, Simona Zavadckyte.

Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Social Policy: Francess Catherine Daly, Edward Henry Bentley Horley, Nawied Jabarkhyl, Benjamin Jack Rogan, Rob Shanley.

Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Sociology: Tom Henderson, Mark Richard Johnson, Edwin Joseph Kriz, Francesca Murray-Fuentes, Samantha Lauren Spencer, Christopher Kenneth To, Vanessa Vazquez Felpeto, Guy Wilson.

Politics, Economics and Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Philosophy: Adam Czopp, Leoni Marie Linek.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Politics: Lorna Ann Brankley, Thomas Buggé, Simon Fuchs, Thomas Charles Jarvis, Hannah Kirton, Thomas Oliver Matthews, Tautvydas Medzius, Mohammad Naim Mohammad Zainal, Benjamin Murphy, Juhyung Oh, Katharine Allison Smith, Michael Thornton.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Politics: Estella Candia Abiola Adeyeri, Mataz Mansour F Al – Shhail, Chiamaka Aniedu, Imogen Eve Armstrong, Daphne Iris Barkshire, Philip Bray, Laurence Chetwynd, Emily Margaret Jane Coward, Charlene Cranny, Hannah Crook, Helen Everett, Fay Madeleine Farstad, Serena Franklin, Thomas Glasspool, Patrick Harte, Eleanor Frances Thomas Howe, Tara Emily Jessop, Oliver Metcalf, Christopher Montanaro, Flavia Noel Musoni, Sara Elise Osborne, Alexandra Jane Peck, Delphine Pedeboy, Charlotte Louise Phillips, James Richardson, Laura Rivas, Patricia Hazel Scurfield, Timothy Dolbear Stacey, Christopher Steggall, Claire Louise Taylor, Sabine Vedrova, Peter Douglas Charles Welby, Rebecca Wright.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics: Timothy Mitchell Alston, Winifried Amoaku, Kruti Mukundrai Anand, Alexandra Monica Aninoiu, Johnathan Nicholas Appleton, Clement Louis Rodrigue Bonnerot, George Bouras, Michael James Callebaut, Luke Alexander Toseland Capps, Andrew Peter John Cope, Clara Louise Davies, Karin Daniela Diaconu, Christina Maria Dimakoulea, Imogen May Dow, Lucie Frankova, Katherine Goligher, Sarah Hill, Tom Richard Arnd Hobohm, James Michael Horrocks, Thomas Ibbetson, Julianne Ikhialose Ilebode, Camilla Holly Benson Jenkins, William James Nicholas Johnston, Bethan Kay, James Alexander Kay, David Koch, Jack Lewis, Verity Long, Philip David Mace, Emma Mathias, Fahad Mayet, Sarah Elizabeth McMeekin, Vishnu Chaitanya Naidu, Christopher Navier, Stephanie Newth, James Offord, Randal James Pringle, Jessica M Roberts, James Lawrence Colby Salazar, Natalija Sasic, Claire Sherwin, Ayodele Olubunmi Patience Sobowale, Catherine Hazel Stimpson, Charles Daniel Taylor, Konglarp Tinakorn Na Ayudhya, Elena Villarreal, Alicia Kathleen Virgilio, Natascha Stephanie Vogel, Rebecca Deborah Wadsworth, Peter Wallace, Stephen Frederick Walwyn, Sophie Louise Williams, Matthew Worsfold, Naomi Wright, Xinyue Yang.

Social Policy and Social Work

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Policy and Social Work: Hannah Kate King, Bishnu Pariyar, Samuel Peter Royston.

Doctor of Philosophy by publications in Social Policy and Social Work: Fiona Kathleen Mensah.

Master of Arts in Comparative and International Social Policy: Rana Rashid Ahmed Jarhum.

Master of Arts in Non-Directive Play Therapy: Njoki Agnes Clegg.

Master of Arts in Policy, Management and Government: Jacqueline Margarete Beaver, Marc Paul Gill, Donne White Joyce, Jacqueline Bianca Marsh, Louise Catherine Williams.

Master of Arts in Public Policy and Management: Candie Cassabalian, Louis St Elmo Woodroffe.

Master of Arts in Social Work: Sabah Mukhtar Ahmed, Saima Arif, Carly Louise Aston, Julie Best, Andrew David Blythe, Natasha Louise Brannan, Abigail Francesca Carter, Michael Crompton, Ian Forrest, Jennifer Gibbs, Abigaile Glavin, Alice Inglis, Nicola Emma Jackson, Ruth Lovatt, Georgina Helen Marsden, Julie Anne Elizabeth McCullough, Che McGarvey-Gill, Louise Amanda Redsull, Sarah Sharples, Daniel Kenneth Whidden, Eddah Williams, Nicole Woodward, Helen Woolnough, Samuele Zuppardi.

Master of Research in Social Work: Tomoko Ito.

Master of Public Administration: Kerrith Newton St. Aubyn Davis, Tina Pana Lynette Sibanda.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Science: Charlie Bartlett, Louise Benn, Sophie Louise Brown, Siobhan Callaghan, Lawrence Cavill, Elen Sian Davies, Rebecca Duffield, Joanne Ellen Ellis, Deborah Fulton, Sofian Haji Mohamad, Clair Sian Jinks, Benjamin Bryn Killick, Thomas Lyness, Noreen Sultana Maqboul, Samuel Marshall, Sarah Megarity, Bethany Miller, Amy Louise Mollekin, Stephen Ofori, Emma Jean Tailford, Alice Elizabeth Tute, Lisa Ann Wilson.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Science (Children and Young People): Jade Chambers, Viki Fairweather, Lara Foster, Elizabeth Geary, Melanie Hanley, Maygen Hibberd, Charlotte Hunter, Heidi Moore, Emma Louise Schofield, Joanna Wiera.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Science (Crime and Criminal Justice): Patrick Oliver Beauchamp, Lorna Bowling, Phoebe Cairns, Joanne Craggs, Tristan James Terence Derry, Marc Diaper, Rosie Amelia Firth, Nicola Claire Johnson, William Kummer, Elizabeth Olivia Leanne Lovedale, William Joseph Marwick, Helen McNamara, Judith Leanne Morgan, Vanessa Murphy, Jodie Norman, Amanda Popely, Brian Reyes, Charles Fraser Thuillier.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Science (Health): Karen Cleverly, Danielle Stephenson, Nicola Willmott.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Policy: Johannes Claudio Fedon, Amy Victoria Gladwin, Amanda Nicola Green, Michael James Hamilton, Joanne Louise Jones, Rosanna Elisabeth Lloyd, Osam Manzoor, Ruth Elizabeth Marshall, Elizabeth Mullins, Nicola Kathleen Pinnell, Charles Rowley, Holly Treadwell, Sarah-Jane Vear, Debra Waudby, Robert George Webb.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work: Saima Noreen Ali, Sharlaine Atkinson, Spencer Howard Bailey, Craig Brown, Sarah Buchan, Gemma Victoria Byrnes, Lynne Mary Capstick, Lorraine Clarkson, Hannah Mary Rose Collins, Charlotte Ellis, David Arthur Firth, Fiona Jayne Forber, Michelle Gillings, Tegan Glover, Stephanie Louise Hall, Naomi Hannan, Hayley Emma Hartley, Ryan Hunter, Melissa Jade Jackson, Amanda Lowde, Emma Lyth, Louise Marshall, Tafadzwa Shiella May Marunda, Alexander Parrott, Rebecca Richards, Katherine Richardson, Sarah Louise Smith, Marie Tracey.


Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies: Marijana Cerovic, Dan Mihai Mercea.

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology: Anthony Lloyd, Oliver Smith.

Master of Arts (by research) in Sociology: Robert James Watson.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology: Rachael Lora Armstrong, Yun Bai, Alanna Grace Burchett, Samuel James Burgum, Gordon Cameron, Louise Marie Jeanne Cotrel-Gibbons, James Cummins, Emma Louise Davies, William de Silva, Josephine Alice Drage, Leah Caitlin Fawcett, Tague John Ferguson, Sarah Marie Frew, Sarah Louise Gilbert, Catherine Goacher, Frederick Peter William Goffin-Clough, Rachel Grey, Emma Ruth Hallett, Emma Hardy, Emily Ann Huntingford, Lee Imray, Moinur Islam, Elizabeth Isle, Amy Kate Elizabeth Jenkin, Stephanie Joannou, Clare Louise Keegan, Rachel Kong, Tze Ying Joanne Lo, Sam Mason, Natalie McGlen, Jenny Elizabeth Miller, Isobel Mitchell, Luke Parkinson, Natalie Patton, Ashleigh Payne, Kirsten Louise Rainbow, Benjamin Rea, Stephanie Ritchie, Paul Alexander Rowe, Danielle Rudd, Catriona Poppy Sharman, Lucy Emma Shaw, Lauren Faye Smith, Magnus Spence-Jones, Isabelle Rose Sutcliffe, Emily Tebbutt, Claire Louise Walters, Kirstie Anne Waterfall, Laura Jane Webster, Emily Rose Williams, Clare Naomi Wilson, Edward Wilson.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Social Policy: Sarah Jane Haywood, Eleanor Mann.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Criminology: David Ambrozejczyk, Alexandra Louise Balmer, Aaron Burns, Lucy Clarke, Victoria Anne Cox, Matthew Eyre, Amy Grogan, Laura Margaret Heeley, Joscilin Mary Jose, Tsz Ki Kwok, James Lovell, Danielle Main, Lewis Robinson, Sebastian Paul Scarbrough, Emily Louise Scrivener, William Brockhurst Watson, Steffanie Jade Weir, Benjamin Whiteley.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Education: Sally Devine.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Social Psychology: Eleanor Elizabeth Arminson-Wood, Ralph De Cordova, Abigail Natasha Denneny, Victoria Dufour, Francis Leo Foster, Daisy Jelbert-Luckman, Olivia Jones, Alice Long, Danielle Masters, Alexandra Murphy, Fiona Ejiro-Oghene Oshomuvwe, Balint Ovari, Ruth Amanda Pople, Nina Roussakoff, Kana Tsumoto.

Theatre, Film and Television

Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Directing and Performance: Eleanor Arkle, Richard Ashley Barker, Georgina Alissa Brown, Daisy Bunyan, Rebecca Darmody, Isabel Dixon, Charlotte Rosalind Evans, Andrew Farrington, Naomi Sarah Garrett, Daniel Robert Peter Gibbons, Sarah Louise Goodyear, Thomas Hardy, Megan Marie-Claire Henry, Mickey Bells Hollman, Shona DeForde Jemphrey, Alice Johnston, Oliver Benjamin Julian, Ross Alexander Meikle, Daniel Maximilian Moody, Joseph Daniel Popplewell, Gareth Robert Prescott, Nicholas Graham Smith, Justin Stathers, Ellen Alexandra Stevens, Miriam Swaffield, Katherine Timms, Christopher White, Gemma Whitham, Heather Wilmot.

Women’s Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Women’s Studies: Hsing-Miao Chi, Elizabeth Marian Sourbut.