Updated: A 12-YEAR-OLD boy hanged himself in his York bedroom with his dressing gown cord in an “unspeakable tragedy for all members of his family”, an inquest heard.

York Coroner Donald Coverdale said Liam Cole had left a note but he was not prepared to read it out, because it was a personal message to his mother and would breach her right to privacy under the Human Rights Act.

“She is entitled to some privacy,” said Mr Coverdale.

A pressure group calling itself “justice for Liam” – which is led by the boy’s father Mike Wilson – had been pressing for the note to be read out in full, but Mr Coverdale said he could not be influenced by pressure groups.

He said did not believe divulging a personal note addressed to his mother would represent justice for Liam, or that the York High School pupil would have wanted this to happen in a public arena, and for it to possibly be broadcast aloud.

Mr Coverdale said the note’s contents were consistent with someone intending to take his life, and he recorded a verdict of suicide.

Mr Coverdale said he did not believe Liam’s actions had been a “cry for help”, saying: “He was not one for making grand gestures to get his way.”

Nor did he believe the actions had been impulsive, as they would have required a certain amount of planning. He said there had been some family tensions but, from the information given to him, there had been no previous indications from Liam that he felt he wanted to take his own life, either to his family or to his school. “There were no concerns at the school,” he said.

There was a suggestion he had been teased because he had to wear glasses, but this was dealt with by the school and there was no suggestion of bullying.

The inquest was told Liam was found by his mother, Nicky Montgomery, hanging from the top of a cabin bunk bed in the bedroom of his home in Bramham Avenue, Chapelfields, on January 16.

Attempts were made to resuscitate him on advice over the phone from the emergency services, but he was pronounced dead at York Hospital.